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for Mobile suit Gundam SEED: Defender

11/27/2010 c7 Wraith Five
hey, i'd just gone through and re-read the story (it's been a while since i've read this one...) but Matthias said his powers were "mind reading, telepathy, and telekinesis." Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't mind reading part of telepathy? (if i mentioned this in another review, forget about it...XD)'ve really got Kira and Lacus kicking things off fast...(please, don't take that the wrong way _ ) great job overall, now I'm really starting to wonder if Flay will stay like she did in the original series or if she'll mature and get over herself like a bunch of AU fan-fics have her doing...hmmm... (you don't have to tell me though! LOL...

keep up the good work!

Mr. Gasbomb
10/21/2010 c6 42Patriot-M89
So I was right! It was Riyu! Well, I can't wait for your next update, later then!
10/21/2010 c5 Patriot-M89
That's when I say, OH SHIT! HE'S PISSED!
10/21/2010 c4 Patriot-M89
Man, I wonder what Ben's talking about, Matthias a monster, geez what happened? By the way, can you give me a hint on who he's gonna be paired with?
9/29/2010 c6 Wraith Five've done a great job! personally, comparing this fan-fic to the original is like comparing a pc to a commodore 64. both do (basically) the same thing, but they are completely different!

9/23/2010 c6 22Latiwings
Psychic. I guessed, but not at this degree. Oh well. :) This just made my day, officially made my day. Now I think I am going to sleep well tonight. Great chapter, need a little mroe details, but it's fine. :)
8/11/2010 c5 Latiwings
*blinks* Strange, I am not looking forward to the KxL pairing, although I am certainly liking Mathias more and more. He is growing into me, which probably explains why I got angry at Garcia too, when it was reveled what had happened.

Never liked that guy, too overconfident. I always thought the Umbrella of Artemis should have been use for civilian safety, and let's say I simply did not like it in the show when they locked Archangel there. Like a darn prisoner.

Looks like you are improving! I don't see any capital letters, although I can't say the same for grammar, but no lecture from me there, since I am no good myself. Keep it up!
8/10/2010 c5 35Devientity
Awesome chapter...It helped me understand some things better and it was very interesting to read ^-^
8/10/2010 c5 100unknown
good work! im starting to love this :D i cant wait to see kxl moment! hope you update it soon ^^
6/23/2010 c4 TSFreedom
impressive story ^^ keep up the great work.
6/17/2010 c4 3Byron12
Wow that was a great battle scene
6/16/2010 c4 35Devientity
Me again:-) Well, you are right, this was the best chapter so far and I particularly enjoyed the parts with Flay...Be careful with your grammar even though you only make small mistakes and try not to use 'etc' in a proper sentence, like you did in chapter 2...Can't wait for the next update
6/16/2010 c1 Devientity
I read the 1st chapter and I must admit that your story is interesting...
6/14/2010 c4 22Latiwings
To be honest, this chapter is so much better than the first three, so keep up the good work! There are a few word that you wrote with a capital letter in front although they don't need it, such as =

["We are not enemies. Am I right?" The(( Blue)) haired pilot continued. "Why do we have to fight each other?"]

The blue is suppose to be written in all lowercase. It's a minor problem, and I am being picky, so it's not so much of a worry. However, there are some people who would find it annoying.

This chapter is truly engaging though, I really liked it. I think it had something to do with the slowly revealed secret identity of Matthias. :)

Can't wait for you to update soon, do your best for the next chapter! XD
5/3/2010 c3 3Byron12
awsome chapter
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