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5/12/2022 c10 1I-Love-Trunks1
I love how Zero and Kaname both slowly fell in love with each other. I love how Zero chose to go out with Kaname and not Yuki. I don't like Yuki in this story. Poor Kaname. Zero is so sweet. I love how Zero wanted to save Kaname and vice versa. I love how they both helped to create peace between vampires and hunters. I love male pregnancy stories! I love how Kaname is pregnant with twins. I love how Zero and Kaname are both going to become parents. I love how they both said I love you to each other. I thought it was so sweet. Could you please have Kaname carry a boy and girl? I love the interaction between Zero and Kaname. I loved this story so much!

Could you please write a sequel?
8/30/2019 c10 1MayaArcadia
Gwen dear,
Your stories are very bittersweet. Thanks so much.
2/4/2019 c10 9MollyMuffinHead
Great job. Wasn't sure I'd like it from the first 2 chapters, but I got hooked. Ending was interesting. Like to see where everyone is on 10 years. Thanks for the story.
4/23/2018 c1 Guest
I have re-read this story time to time! It never gets old! Thank you for this wonderful story, I really appreciated it! :D
2/28/2018 c10 bleedingangel95
Nicely done!
8/1/2017 c10 Chelsea
Love it one of the best fanfics I have ever read.
9/1/2016 c10 5Seirenn

I havé read your fanfiction and I love her.

Kaname and Zero his very cute together. Thank you for The story!

Sei ~
2/19/2016 c10 Sophie
I love this story! I love the final part ️
11/29/2015 c10 Zaphirel
Se que la historia ha terminado hace mucho, y que idioma no es el español, pero he leido toda la historia y me ha gustado mucho y me gustaría que tu lo sepas, que tengas un lindo día -
8/24/2015 c10 bluesnowflakes21
11/17/2014 c10 Guest
OMg! This is the best thing that i have read so far! I liked it and hope for more of this story and kaname mpreg.. I liked it. I read one of your story and u pkanning to have a short epilogue on a story of but an escort. I really hope for moreg in it, even hinted/implied mpreg is okay.. But then i will wait it nonetheless. I like buy an escort story also. Read both story many times over. I know you like angst, but you might consider to have equal fluff in your story as it would look reality (if u know what i mean, im not good in english), means semi angst... I like all your story even it make me cry a lot... Haha, im supporting you! _
5/19/2014 c10 kanaeee
Hooray. You really set me out to the moon with this spectacular & fascinating story but instead of moon i should say sun cause its noon now heheh I have to say though that I enjoyed your story to the full. I can't describe how beautiful and wonderful your story was... It left me wanting more I absolutely fell in love with it but its ok i'm satisfied with this ending so thank you for taking the time to write this I absolutely enjoyed it senpai .Be sure this would not be the last time I read it!I will cherish it for longggggggg *smils*

Zero is so totally in love of Kaname now and he even confessed to him *squeals* OMG Kaname is expecting twins *dies from happiness* Congratulate you guys finally ur dream come true Zero and you too Kaname *pinches kaname's cheeks* you are so adorable can't stop imagine how you will look like with a plump hahahah "chubby Kaname* kawii / . Hey Seiren u better devote ur life protecting *whispers* "my children girl" *pats her back* now go sneak in their bedroom and bring me that perfume i wanna try it lol hahahah I'm proud of you Aido to create the same solution for hunters now i can have my way with Yagari I'm gonna let him taste some of my wrath *evil smirks*

I feel sorry for Sara she lost her powers in blink of eyes and now she is stripped from her power ne Sara how does it feel to be human ?hahahah Isn't it great i'd do anything just to see the look on ur face hahaha silly girl all you think power power power I guess u deserve it since you tried to hurt Kaname Thank god Zero punched that noble i'd do it myself but knowing my situation i'd give him a piece of his mind but i appreciate Zero's protection . Now i know my kaname and the children would be safe in capable hands like Zero though I envy him Zero is one lucky bastard i mean guy.

I wish them a bright future, although it makes me sad to think that this was the last chapter of your wonderful love story, but still love it nonetheless! And I'm sure there will be more wonderful stories from you.*applauds* Thanks again! And I look forward to reading any future stories you post too! And I'm waiting patiently for you to update your other stories especially the continued story of "Feel with your heart" I wish you all happiness, joy and goodluck in your life senpai ... Luv Ya

your faithful ,
5/19/2014 c9 kanaeee
Its KAITO ! He finally shows up *happy dance* It turns out he is the bf of Aido's sister yaay , I missed him really but i'm glad you included him in ur story He is such a gentel man though its hard to think he is acutally taking vampire side and helping to prevent the battle from happening so nice of him. Awww don't get jealous Kaname , you are my no 1 love and wont favor anyone on you *whispers to Kaito "you are hot i like you"* winks* Oh! Beside Kaname you have Zero , look how he stares deadly at me i'm sure if looks could kill i'd be dead by now and thank god its not .

I admire Zero's courage to admitt testing the solution on Kaname and asking for his forgivness . That part was soo touching especially when he told Kaname that he would die before him Also where he said about renting a womb its shows how he loves Kaname and would like to have children with him soo sweet of you Zero *pats Zero's head*
But seeing how optimistic Kaname being abt having kids make me wonder maybe there is a chance for them to have kids hmmm he even assured him to never give up O.o Ohh sth something going on . Is he by any chance pregnant but hiding it for now so he wont get Zero to worry abt him maybe after their anniversary day he will tell him hmm very thoughtful of you Kaname and now you will finally drink ur lover blood , go for it and make memorable memories of ur sweet moment *pushes Kaname and hides a video camera in the living room * Good luck *thumps up*

I can't believe it i reach to the final chapter O.O?! Can't wait to see how will it turn out and i'm sure i'd enjoy it . I trust you senpai and i'm sure you wont disappoint me _ Thank you sweety and love you ..
5/19/2014 c8 kanaeee
Wonderful chapter! Awww.. they both have so many things on their mind! On top of that i'm soo nervous for both of them especially Kaname . OMG how is he going to handle the truth when his power return doubled and find out he in not pregnant after all . Or Is it possible for him to get pregnant ? I dunno what to think ! *bites nails* . Furthermore, Isn't it starnge that the attack started when he is poisoned by his husband and not before that! hmm I wonder if Sara has something to do with it.

Aha! I knew it , Takuma once has been in love with Kaname he admitted to himself though i'm curious of this hunter whose Aido's sister fell in love with O.o Could it be Kaito? no no no maybe someone i don't know but still can't help but see his pic pop ups from no where ahhh my stupid imagination.

I cannot stop reading this chapter over and over again. It's beautifully written and the story is being built up nicely. I am sure these two will make it together safely . Soon, I hope. * sees a spark of hope*

You know Zero I'm tired of being mad at you *throws arm up*but you have to tell Kaname ur hidden plans in future and how u want to run away with him and leave everything behind and start all over again and treasure what u have. I'm sure Kaname would be happy to hear it at least you consider saving him instead of letting him go to his demise. You too Kaname tell him everything but I can't help thinking if you are really pregnant how you are going to protect ur child since you are powerless and Zero can't be there forever to save the day no to mention the coming massacre I do hope u have better plan for that day for i don't want you to get killed Kaname. I'm quite shocked that Zero accepted Kaname's pregnancy with out arguing more of how it could happen and is it possible in vampire world to bear children with the same sex partner ? Even if it's a level E partner i doubt that . Zero just accepted it cuz he didn't want his spouse to suspect him so soon *sighs* its too aweful to keep Kaname believing such thing and there is still two days before his power return shit shit *gets nervous again*

I'm not sure i want to read the next chapter but i have to my mind wont rest until i complete reading this story .. I hope you compensate for what you did to Kaname baka Zero and for your sake I hope Kaname finds it in him to forgive you of what you did to him *prays for Zero's sake*

Thnx senpai and love you ..
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