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for Rise of the Dark Angel

10/18 c20 Guest
Bravo pour cette histoire très réussie. Un détail cependant, je suis française et vous avez fait une erreur concernant la prononciation des mots contenant -ll. Ce n'est pas comme en espagnol, cela varie prononce souvent comme un seul-l. Comme vous êtes attentive à tout, je tenais à vous le signaler même si cela n'influe pas sur l'histoire.
4/24 c17 RNHPS
Legend has it Seamus is still looking for the button to take Ron off reapeat
1/18 c1 jun zhe
Hello, my name DuDu, and I really like your work . I want to translate this worl in to VietNamese( of course, with credits and links), and i hope you will give me the permission to do do. Please reply me as soon as you read this. Thanks!
12/22/2021 c4 Guest
Oh I love this! Sooo much!
12/22/2021 c1 Guest
I FUCKING LOVE THISSSSSS! Sorry, I just completely LOVE THIS! Its soooo good!
7/11/2021 c22 abishasoans
I love the letter! Hermione's mum is a good mom.
7/10/2021 c19 abishasoans
This is an interesting story. Somethings are too extreme for me but otherwise it's interesting
7/10/2021 c13 abishasoans
I have so many mixed feelings about Hermione
7/9/2021 c9 abishasoans
There is something called Neutral you know? I'd never join Dumbledore, but I wouldn't work for someone who'd put me under the Cruciatus either
7/9/2021 c9 abishasoans
The dark seems pretty evil to me. What exactly are they achieving?
7/9/2021 c7 abishasoans
You are very very good at writing sexy scenes
7/9/2021 c7 abishasoans
Wish you'd stop going after innocent muggleborntheir family. When you said Dark, you truly did mean evil.
7/9/2021 c4 abishasoans
Wow! Nothing actually happened but that was very very hot
7/9/2021 c3 abishasoans
I don't like Dumbledore, but what exactly has Voldemort accomplished?
7/9/2021 c2 abishasoans
Ugh. That's a bit extreme.
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