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3/10/2017 c9 Dead-Account-RIP Im gone

..But seriously. This was really cool!
I uh.. I actually like Paulina and Star in this.. Never thought I would.
Then again, they aren't my most hated characters..
I'm curious when they would have found out about his secret (If they ever would have... Something tells me they would have an idea sometime. XD)
6/4/2016 c9 21Sonic Squid
Aaaaah! I wanna know what happens next!
5/14/2016 c9 Guest
Ha, Tucker's love life is hilarious. Interesting question: will this be a Danny/Paulina story? I'm just curious because only their names are on the filter. Plus, it's too early in this story to tell. Paulina does seem slightly attracted, yet the Danny/Sam cluelessness is present, too. I hope you eventually continue this story.
5/14/2016 c6 Guest
That's funny. Even when Paulina is thinking well of Sam, it's overshadowed by mild conceit. Like in Memory Blank, when she expressed pride in Sam changing her image for Danny. I could imagine her being inexplicably nice to Sam over the next couple of days and that poor goth having no idea why, disturbing her to no end.
5/14/2016 c4 Guest
Hehe... Ghost Fudge.
5/14/2016 c2 Guest
Hilarity at every turn! Yeah, only Jack can tame those hot dogs. And all that stuff falling behind those doors: classic Nickelodeon gag!
5/8/2016 c9 2Stars Moons and Darkness
I really love this fic! Can't wait for more!
5/1/2016 c9 9Trudyann B
I really like how original this is! And your. Character dynamics are super fun to read! They're light and airy interactions, it's fun! :)
2/22/2016 c9 22Kakerot Bardockson
you have a great story now you just need to finish it
7/18/2015 c9 CorruptedAngel01
I know its probably too late for this, but r u gonna update soon? *-*
5/19/2015 c9 3Serulium
Thank you! I really liked this. It is a shame, that it had to stop here. Well, it was fun while it lasted!
3/5/2015 c9 Sally Yang
can you please finish this story
11/2/2014 c9 26Nikki Pond
Can I just say this is the most amusing DP fanfic I have read.

Amazing, written brilliantly and girls blushing when looking at Danny *giggles* Hope u update!
5/8/2014 c9 derrickalex1
great keep it like that
9/1/2013 c9 21Vitaliciouscreations
You haven't updated it recently, but i'm wondering what happens next. PLEASE go onward with this story. I really like it and the plot is VERY original.
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