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11/16/2020 c2 reptoholic
11/16/2020 c1 reptoholic
5/24/2020 c8 5Dark Neko 7000
What will happen next time
12/23/2018 c9 Wika0304
please update
12/22/2018 c9 Guest
Please update
8/5/2018 c9 ScarletRainbow1
Your last update was June 2011. Does this mean you have discontinued this story; or did you start a sequel? I hope this is not the end of this story. It's too good to end here.
6/11/2018 c6 Guest
Can you bring the trickster into the story more? It was fun adding him in.
8/7/2017 c9 yaoilover1992-2010
OMG please tell me you are going to update this story and not just leave it to rust. This is so great at first I thought Harry was going to end up with Sam or Dean or both until Gabriel came along.
3/24/2017 c2 22Katzztar
I like the thought behind the cost of the Killing Curse being like making a demon-deal.
I mean there HAS to be reason why its an Unforgivable.
When you just look at the canonical description of the AK, its the person drops dead immediately and no way to shield against it.
There are worse ways to die then suddenly dropping dead even the blood boiling curse sounds worse ... right? Yet while many are illegal they are not listed as Unforgivable.
So obviously there is more it than that.
A few head-canons of mine on the Killing Curse and 3 Unforgivables
1- that reason why the AK can't be shielded against is that it hits your magic (no matter what you cast) it follows the magic to your soul and severs connection.
2- same for Imperio & Crucio, it affects the magic/soul, not just the body.
3- One reason for the 3 spells be listed as Unforgivable is that they are very dark as they taint the soul of caster
4- Possibly the Unforgivables were creacted by demons to corrupt wizards.
1/29/2017 c9 KyRa-ChAn008
I hope that this is not abandoned! I really like this fic! Update soon please!
1/23/2017 c9 36AliceCullen3
11/15/2016 c9 5Ireland Scott of BROH
9/2/2016 c9 Jaden Xiang
I know it's been years, but I would LOVE to see you update! :) You ended at such a tearjerker and possible Loki/Gabriel & Harry pairing that I was so excited until I saw the last update date.
6/23/2016 c9 MargaritaS
didnt see that bit coming :)
1/13/2016 c9 Guest
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