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for Love? What is that?

7/15/2019 c1 SofeaCullen
so... the fact is cheating is okay because Edward never look at his cheating whore the way he looks at Bella? What a joke! Cheating is cheating with no excuses. The whole family deserved go to hell!
8/4/2018 c24 susieq3210
I loved the story except for Edwards reason for cheating. If you truly love someone you would wait for them to be ready or even go to couples therapy. Cheating is only done by people who don't respect and love the person they are with. Got to say he made his bed now he got to lie in it... I would not have taken him back at all and his family well they were asses about keeping her in the dark. But hey I know what it is like to be cheated on and beaten when I told him I was taking the kids and leaving him. So I understand that point of view and no I never went back to him and that was 11 years ago now my daughter is almost 12 and my son 15. And no he don't have anything to do with my kids. If you could have put in another problem instead of him being a cheating ass then I would have enjoyed it a hell of a lot more... Thanks
10/1/2015 c25 Guest
I wonder how the re write will turn out. I do think some parts were almost skipped around a bit, but didn't mind it too much!
8/7/2014 c25 Lafemmevegeta
Your fic had a great story line and was enjoyable.
12/28/2013 c21 lucy1521
phil wanted edward to have an affair or he would hurt them. that makes no sense at all .so far I have liked the story until that part it just plain stupid
12/21/2013 c25 Eliza
Poorly written, too many mistakes and it felt very childish.
11/20/2013 c23 1xshynenstarx
Why is she taking this awful cheater back
11/7/2013 c25 Guest
Quit the cheating and everything will be peachy.
It was really the worst end ever, even the epilogue couldn't save it. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Especially after his absurd explanation!
If you promise a new ending I will read it again, but I really don't want to waste my time for a cheater-story again...
11/7/2013 c23 Unhappy
If you are able to cheat, you don't love. There is no gray area. I would never ever forgive him and I have only pitty and zero respect for people who can. There are guys out there they have for years no sex and he thinks a few weeks are excuse enough for him to cheat? Absolutely ridiculous! He practically blamed her for her lack of lust! Shame on him!
This ruined the whole story for me. Sorry, but cheating is for me a deal breaker, the broken trust is beyond repair and is that line crossed just once, it WILL happen again - it ALWAYS happens again... it's just a matter of opportunity and time. And a wealthy handsome Doc will have plenty...
9/27/2013 c1 Guest
Great start but you need to check your spelling as sometimes mistakes are very funny!
"AHHH!" I screamed as a man with too much stubble and colon pushed me against a wall.
I think you meant cologne as colon is a part of the intestine.
9/7/2013 c23 kylajh4
Stupid for taking that slut back, don't like this fanfic ugh!
7/12/2013 c4 beulah2013
She gave in too easily - isn't she afraid of turing just like her mom, making excuses or forgiving abuse because he 'loves' her?
12/13/2012 c25 Edward's spouse
excellent story.
9/29/2012 c23 3samibear9
what the heck...lady this was one of the silliest story i have ever read...
9/29/2012 c21 samibear9
lol..this story is so funny
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