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1/1/2012 c1 The Only Way
11/19/2010 c1 1combeferring
just perfect.

thats all i can say.

10/31/2010 c1 1MeLovesDracoGinny
*heart slowly breaking*...

I love Dominique/Teddy, its my favourite pairing and you portray Dom so well.

I love it!
7/7/2010 c1 76sheriff stilinski
Awww, really good :)
6/16/2010 c1 changingoceantides
I love the Teddy/Victoire ship, but this story was just too good! Thank you for writing.
5/21/2010 c1 54msllamalover
Loved the idea of Dominique having the middle child sort of syndrome (which I think you kind of alluded to), and the way you sort of made statements and then explained them. Thinking of how you did it sort of seems like it shouldn't work, when actually it was fragmented and bittersweet, and the effect was great. Plus, Teddy/Dom is a great pairing, and I liked how you explored it.
4/28/2010 c1 2whenitwasmagic
Brilliant. I love your repition&characterization.
4/27/2010 c1 Amadea
Intense! I imagine it would be hard to be the sister of Victoire, and especially to watch her and Teddy date, etc.
4/24/2010 c1 23RavenEcho
Very interesting. There was something about the style that I didn't quite like, although I can't put my finger on it exactly. But I really enjoyed the topic and the writing. Teddy's always with Victoire, and I liked seeing how you think Dominique would feel about this, and also glimpsing a bit of how Dominique's life as the less-favored child has been.
4/24/2010 c1 lonely hands
Oh, thankyouthankyouthankyou! It's so beautiful :) I always think Teddy is just one of those guys who everyone falls for (even though they know they shouldn't) and I just love him with anyone but Victoire (because she's /too/ perfect)!

I LOVE Domonique and never read about her enough, so this was just so PERFECT!

I think you completely nailed her character, her conflicted and emotions and... I just loved it :D

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