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for Chasing You

5/29/2018 c29 13MaiStan
This story was sooo PERFECT! I loved the slight steam, the psychic references too! I can't say anything else, I just loved it. This story is definitely a refreshing Duncney (DxC) classic-to-be.

Keep writing!
3/16/2015 c29 Guest
I love all your endings! And obviously the rest too
9/30/2014 c29 2Maori Rose
Wow it was beautiful: 3 two DxC together forever! I loved your story, really thanks for writing. :).
5/8/2014 c29 fifirosepfingston
I loved this story I literally awwwwwwed at the end
11/1/2013 c29 5AudiLion
this was an amazing story! cant wait to read your other stories!
4/10/2013 c18 xFallen Diamondx
ik this is kinda late cuz well u wrote this in like 2010 but im reading in 2013 but oh well who cares im kinda crazy and reviews or revies right?RIGHT! so...anyways yep me loves BTR one of my fav shows and band and love the story DXC thts all...for now hehe bye.
9/3/2012 c1 brianna.baby123
Awesome! :)
6/5/2012 c11 2Ravens Bane
Okay, this is REALLY silly but I fell in love with the story the second you pointed out a difference between the viola and violin. I'm a violist, nobody ever knows there's a difference, so that made me ecstatic :))

Great story!
5/24/2012 c29 10MaximumMik6325
Whoa. Wow. Holy smokes. This was AMAZING! I was looking fOr a long fanfic to keep me occupied for awhile, But I read 17 chapters yeserday and the last 11 tonight! This kept me hooked and I couldnt stop reading! Duncan & Courtney are my favorite TD couple, but whenever I try to write them, they turn out being WAY too OOC :( But YOU! You really stuck in character and gradually made the changes in the couple not too noticable, but then you go and reflect and youre like "Wow, they really HAVE changed!"

I loved this so freaking much! Im in the process of writing a legit DxC fic, but I dout it'll be comparable to your awesomeness TT_TT

I cant wait to read your other stories :D This rocked! Keep it up, and I bet you you can go places with writing like this :) You are really blessed! Thanks for the great readig experience!

Mik Mik
11/28/2011 c29 17Clamanter
this story is absolutly perfect.
5/29/2011 c29 youshouldbeDANCING
I love this story sooooo much. X
3/27/2011 c23 Amber
Just reading the ending made me almost cry! :,(
3/24/2011 c29 Anonymous giggler
Yeaaaaa! I love this story! You should, like, do a sequal! Your writing is sooo awesom! Your type of good storys in one of the reasons i want to join fanfiction!
11/23/2010 c29 Ray-Ray
Great story you couldn't have ended it better. I liked it from beginning to end I read this story a while back and thought this is a great story I might read it again but, unfortunately I couldn't remember the name. Until one faithful day I found the paper that I wrote my favorite stories on and this story was one of them. I started reading again and remembered hey this is that story. I liked how you grouped the people together I think Duncan and Courtney go well with Geoff, Bridgette, Trent and Gwen as friends. But overall I'm saying great story and are you making a sequel because I would love that most of my favorite stories have prequels and/or sequel but, keep up the great work I think you will become a famous author someday OH, you already are.
10/2/2010 c29 CarmillaD
*Clapping* What a great ending! Really touching T w T. I would've KILLED to see my favorite TDI characters hanging out like they do in this chapter. wow, did you really write that song? Congratulations! Thank you for letting us enjoy this amazing story, and I can't wait for your upcoming projects, all of them are of my favorite couples, yay!
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