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7/26/2010 c18 29Alexex
Ehhh this was good but not great like normal. It was kinda cliché, no offense. Not completely, the three guys pressuring Courtney was a good twist but...still.

Glad Duncan and Gwen made up, and I laughed when Courtney saw Duncan, she THEN vomited. Lol.

Update soon!
7/26/2010 c18 hestiawrites
7/26/2010 c18 8Totally Calm
I can't wait til you write the BxG I loved the summery you gave me.Wow Geoff you sure know how to party.
7/26/2010 c18 21Kick Me Awake
loved this chapter! :D and yes, btr is actuallt pretty good :D but i so dont have beiber fver lol
7/26/2010 c18 23FeelingThePullCallYourName
Aw... Ends well. Courtney was funny when she was drunk but I'm still sad for what happened to her... *sighs* Update soon.
7/26/2010 c18 10MS.BOOMBOX94
loved the chapter it was really cute, well the ending was..update soon
7/26/2010 c18 7guitarNrd362
aww that was beautiful! It brightened my day :D and yeah! Big Time Rush! lol the show isn't so bad, and their voices are nice ^^; I like Logan x3 you?
7/26/2010 c18 Snowiyflake
Loved it, as always. Courtney is funny when she is drunk, lol. Awwww...Duncan is so sweet! He saved her from humiliation and rapers by bringing her bak to his room! That is an odd Im really happy today too for some reaason, but it is foggy today...California is wierd...O.o Anyway, awsum! If u update later this week! So yea...

P.S.- Age is but a number! lol

P.S.S.-I learned that Cartoon Network is not going to show any of the TDWT Aftermaths. Episode 6 is one, and it is being skipped. It is on youtube. I dont know if u know that, but I thought I'd tell u in case u didnt!

7/26/2010 c18 33flymeawaytoneverland
haha, awwww! :) cute :) heehee ^^

and jeez.. at this rate, the elevator is going to be Duncan's favorite mode of transportation :P haha

loved this chappie ^^ UPDATE SOON!
7/26/2010 c18 25babydon'tletmefall
Awwww... :D How CUTE! XD

And I know! I can't believe Summer goes by so fast... *tears up* I'm all depressed now... *sighs*

7/24/2010 c17 MiloSpider
he he

Future Flour Sacks
7/23/2010 c17 Snowiyflake
Loved it! I always love the notes and Duncan's sigs! :D YAY! They r together! And poor Sierra, I dont like her, but he was leading her on. Too bad tho, cuz DxC forever! KK, anywho, yea-BxG is cool. I might read it. Maybe the GxT one too, if u write it. Not so sure about the DJxK one tho...Wud u wwrite it after Chasing You? or during? and wud the BxG one be the only story ur writing so u wudnt hav a DxC one?
7/22/2010 c17 DXC fan 3
Update! :3
7/22/2010 c11 4Actinggoddess
OK its official Your my new favorite Author you are such a good writer and you bring the characters to life
7/21/2010 c17 1bumblebeetobe98
Love Geoff and Bridge! I would totally read it. I wanna know what it's about. Well I liked the chapter :p Haha Update soon!
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