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for Chasing You

10/2/2010 c29 88deadtodd
You know, I'm very satisfied with reading this. It's quite possibly one of the best fics in the TDI archives which doesn't seem like much considering a lot of the stuff here is crap but... Oh, fudge I messed up. Okay, put it like this. This story was frucking awesome on a scale of one to awesome. That's much better. I think there are maybe ten, at the most, good fics left in this archive and I'm glad you decided to add something, well, good here.

At times you did have problems with past and present tense verbs but I think everyone has had those problems at some point. I can only say try and watch out for those little bastards, they like to make shit sound complicated. And there were times in which your spelling was a bit off but that's easy to fix. Didn't feel like betaing? I get like that a lot.

So, I'd have to say my favorite part wasn't exactly a favorite part. It's that you didn't have them fall madly in love in the range of a few months. I mean, I was so expecting a cliche ending where she was all like ILU first because he's a bad boy. And then he'd become all blushy and look away and say it too. I'm sooooo glad you didn't do that. While I love happy endings I love realistic ones more.

Are you considering a sequel? XD Like one maybe including the L word? I know, it must seem like I'm contradicting myself but time would have passed by then and I figure it would feel only natural for them to eventually say it. One of them anyways.

My favorite part that actually was a part would probably be in chapter thirteen where Gwen thought Duncan was talking about liking her and kissed him. I had a bit of an inkling suspicion that she liked him and I think you displayed the hints well. I almost thought that this was going to turn into a brief fic that involved DuncanxGwen only to become DuncanxCourtney. Of course, these thoughts spawned shortly after they met.

Oh! I loved the train ride there too. Duncan was such a jerk but he knows he wanted to talk to her. ;) I think you portrayed them well. Instead of making Duncan too bad and her too uptight that is. Which reminds me. Perhaps he was a little too bad in the beginning? It just made me a little surprised that he didn't try to escape the school at least once, or that he didn't try to do anything to rebel against their wishes.

Granted, I'm aware, people change. It just seemed sudden.

And great way of inserting Courtney's controlling nature and need for him to change in there. It seemed almost subtle and I don't think that everyone noticed that she was actually the one changing him to fit her ideals properly. I don't even think she originally intended to do so. A great display of how opposites can attract and make each other better in the long run.

I'm pretty sure this is quite possibly the most boring review ever so I think I'll leave here. Thank you so much for the good read, and best wishes to you.

9/25/2010 c29 1bumblebeetobe98
NOO! THE LAST CHAPTER! I CAN'T DEAL WITH THE...the...I forgot the word...Okay well. That was absouletly sickening with fluff :3 O.M.F.G I loved it :l Thank YOU for writing the story, thank YOU for giving us the thanks (xD), Thank YOU for being incredibly smart...because you're a DxC fan. Thank you for a long awesome journey with this story, we aren't the ones to thank. :)
9/25/2010 c29
Definitely great ending. I really miss the old couples from reading this.
9/24/2010 c29 14YouPlusMeEqualsLoveBaby
i am very

late for this but i was on Hoilday an just cme back today and go striaght to the computer coz i havent used it for a week! the Horror!

cute ending but sad its over :(
9/24/2010 c29 3B-Tizzle
BRAVO! That ending kicked ass! I freakin love this story. It makes me wanna cry because Courtney and Duncan on tv are broken up. Everything is backwards. It used to be that the FanFic DxC were fake and tv DxC were real, but now it's turned around. I hope they get back together soon. :(
9/24/2010 c29 hestiawrites
I like the song, but instead of sitting down, you should put 'For now sitting around, chasing you.'
9/24/2010 c29 Snowiyflake
Luv for u too! :D I can simplay not wait for the new story(ies)! I luv DxC, TxG, and BxG too! :D Of course, DxC will forever be my FAV! I STILL LUV THIS STORY! And probably always will! ;)
9/24/2010 c29 Lolibarbie-is-to-lazy-to-login
9/24/2010 c29 26NoH8-make-a-rainbow
AMAZING ENDING! :'D U should definitly consider my idea of a sequel. I am allowing you to steal it, haha. And if you do do it, I would love to help! :)
9/24/2010 c29 23FeelingThePullCallYourName
Awwww... Just awwww!

It has been so many times you've updated and I still love that story like the beginning. I've always looked forward to the nextr chapters and everything was leaving me speechless.. I can't believe that whole adventure is over! That was a wonderful story, Johnna, and I wish you will write more in the future.

Beautiful, BE-AU-TI-FUL!

The ending was incredible, thanks for that awesome story :D

So much, I love it.

And I love you! (in a friendly way :p)

See you soon in an other cool story of yours...

9/24/2010 c29 33flymeawaytoneverland
! so. freaking. CUTE! :D

*sighs* it's over? already? aww :(

can't wait for more of your stories ^^ this one was super-duper-freaking AMAZING! :D
9/24/2010 c29 25babydon'tletmefall

DX I can't believe it's over! D: Oh well... It was awesome, :) I loved the story, it was amazing, can't wait for more from you! :D
9/24/2010 c29 17absolute nonsense
That is definitely my favorite chapter! Beyond cute and amazing.

I LOVELOVELOVE the scene, with Trent, Gwen, Geoff and Bridgette. It just completed the whole thing!

I will admit, I'm a bit upset that the story is over. It was ome of my favorites, and I'm really going to miss it. But overall, it was great! It was fun, cute and refreshing. I hope to read more from you soon.

Great work :)
9/24/2010 c29 SparklyWarlock
naww what a great way to end it!
9/23/2010 c29 21Kick Me Awake
awww :) taht was amazing! love u and ur stories so much!
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