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4/30/2010 c2 5Over The Horizons
Update please. ;3
4/30/2010 c2 81Kagome-Inu5
Another awesome chapter! LOL Geoff tripping on the train made me laugh. Yeah, real smooth indeed. And omg, Duncan thinking about how he wanted to throw Courtney off the train made me laugh too. I can't wait to see more of this story! Ohh, and HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! :D
4/30/2010 c2 25babydon'tletmefall
AWESOME! XD He met Courtney!
*grumbles* Nobody my foot...
XD Update soon!
4/28/2010 c1 5burnthrough
omg, Johnna.
You already finished Bless the Broken Road?
How did I miss that :/
Man. My computer's been pretty jacked up when
it comes to FictionPress and FanFiction.
OMGZ. XD This sounds awesome :D
4/27/2010 c1 29Alexex
LOL can't wait for some DxC drama!
4/26/2010 c1 Emo Violet Girl
omg I LOVE it! can't wait till the next chappie!
4/25/2010 c1 CarmillaD
Nice to see you back. Hum, and this first episode is pretty interesting. You did a good job with Duncan's perspective and showing his familiar situation. On the other side, I'm glad to see more of Geoff in this story (I LOVED "Bless the broken road", you can tell it by my reviews, but I missed Bridgette and Geoff. They only appeared in short scenes). At least Duncan ins't going to spend his first day alone.

I can't wait to see what will happen when they get to the school. Please, continue soon
4/25/2010 c1 beokugon10
Great chapter, I have a good feeling about this story (though I don't see why I shouldn't, all your stories are great). I can't wait for the update, I really want to know how Duncan can adapt to boarding school, and how he will meet Courtney.
4/25/2010 c1 81Kagome-Inu5
O! I see some major promise in this story! Can I say, I already love your writing style! I can't wait to see how Duncan interacts in the boarding school... Haha, I tried to picture him in a tie and button down shirt, but I failed. I can't wait till he meets Courtney, too... update soon!
4/25/2010 c1 10The Dramatic Runner
Okay, i;m really liking this so far :D
4/25/2010 c1 25babydon'tletmefall
I LOVE IT! XD It's awesome! ;) update soon! XD
4/25/2010 c1 33flymeawaytoneverland
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