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for Chasing You

9/23/2010 c29 10The Dramatic Runner
Wow, it has ended...

It was so sweet this chapter, it definaly made an awsome ending

good job there! :)
9/23/2010 c29 PenguinsRcute not logged in
Awesome ending. I love it! It might have been sappy but it was good. Words can't describe how good. Can't wait until October.
9/23/2010 c29 pie108
9/20/2010 c28 1bumblebeetobe98

My brother was playing a voilent video game in the backround and then I just blurted. 'AAAAWWWWW!' He turned to me and stared, because I kept doing that for like the entire chapter :] LOVED THIS FREAKING CHAPTER! I never want this story to end :/ NEVER EVER! You hear me? o.0
9/20/2010 c27 bumblebeetobe98
Aww...Courtney...Duncan is your one and only! D:

Dumb Taylor...

I am an awful reviewer. I haven't been loyal to FanFiction...sad I know. But! I still LOVE the stories!
9/19/2010 c28 Snowiyflake
I feel like crying rite now! :'( Its just sooooo cute! 3 When I said crying-I totally meant in a good way. Srry, I hadnt reviewed cuz I hdnt read! :/ I just read 24-28, I dont rlly know y I hadnt b4...everytime I saw an email saying new chap I wud just put it off-not rlly feeling like reading it. I just got rlly bored tho and decided to read it-and I cant believe I didnt remember the cliff hanger! I LUV THIS STORY SOOOOO MUCH! Its much better than Bless the Broken Road, I must admit. And the idea for a sequel is the best Ive heard i a long time! U HAV to write a sequel! 3 And the BxG stry sounds kool and everything, but I rlly cant wait for another DxC one! Ive been reading sum DxC stories-but I cant find any Im rlly into. Plus-now they r getting more scarce, which I hate! Srry bout how long this review is-I just had a lot to say! :) And is he gonna keep that ring? Or give it to Courtney? Cuz thats wat I kept thinking...

Luv ya and the story!,

Snowiy 3
9/19/2010 c28 CarmillaD
Wow, poor Duncan and Courtney, must've been hard to spend the rest of the summer with their relationship in those harsh terms. I'm glad his parents are proud of him and our sweet couple made up *^ 3 ^*. Please, continue soon. Sadly, this story will end, but like I've mentioned before, we'll have more of your fantastic stories to enjoy. Oh, by the way, completely agree, the show is crashing and burning, I hope they can save that sinking ship with a special.
9/17/2010 c28 MarMar125
ahhhhhh that is so cute
9/17/2010 c28 25babydon'tletmefall
I loved it, ;) As always.

Man... That was fluffy, it was awesome. ;) ;) There should be a category for 'fluff'

UPDATE SOON! But-But-But... Wait... I don't want this story to end... WAH! :(
9/17/2010 c28 wutsevesers
will CxD have a 'first time' thing w/ each other?
9/16/2010 c28 23FeelingThePullCallYourName
That was so.. DxC. I mean, it should be the way DxC has to be. I love it, I miss them though. And already, second to last chapter? It passes so fast! Okay, I've already said so but still, I'm saying it again. And... I'm also looking forward for you BxG story :3

Have a nice day honey!

9/16/2010 c1 link9753
This is a good story I look forward to reading more.
9/16/2010 c28 10The Dramatic Runner
Second to last chapter! D:

how can such an amazong story end! lol

i love it, it's sucha great job! :)
9/15/2010 c28 PenguinsRcute not logged in
Awwwwwww, the ending is sweet. And I totally agree on the love/hate thing. I love reading this story. Keep up the good work.
9/15/2010 c28 17absolute nonsense
No! Don't have 29 chapters, that's an odd number! Hahah, let the story have 30... :)

Great chapter, so freakin' cute! Please update soon!
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