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for Chasing You

9/6/2010 c26 18xXduncanxloverXx
i'm really sorry on my lack of reviewing :/ urgg. but, as always, i lovedd it =) and awwww. only one more chapter? :( ahh, i bet it'll be awesome though :P as for my decision on duncan..i thinkk you should send him home. i'd like to see what will go on down there :) ahaha. oh, and duncan's mom pestering him about courtney :P

can't wait for the next chappie..=)
9/6/2010 c26 Liliana Jane
to bad this story is going to end but hey its gotta endb somewere.ANYWAYS i was wondering if you were going to write some TxG before you end it.If not thats cool, i mean It is a DxC story.I cant wait to read how duncans neighborhood differs from when he was there.I also wonder about Courtneys parents are like.

thanks for updating

9/5/2010 c26 Lolibarbie-is-to-lazy-to-login
Loved it! I would make duncan come home and I definitely wanna see his parents react to new Duncan! Lol
9/5/2010 c26 3B-Tizzle
Keep writing! I freakin' love this story! I don't want it to end just yet. :(
9/5/2010 c26 17absolute nonsense
Great chapter!

I think it'd be awesome if you wrote a chapter on Duncan's Christmas. The fact that he had a great time, and really realized some much he did miss his family. Even a nice phone call to Courtney to wish her Merry Christmas would be adorable!

Anyway, up to you! Great work, please update soon :)
9/5/2010 c26 33flymeawaytoneverland
hmm.. at first, I wanted to know about Duncan going home.. but now I kinda don't want to.. so I guess I choose skip the home chapter..? ha :P

awesome chappie by the way :)

and hahahaha, this chapter basically shows why I love Courtney so much.. or at least the old one :P haha

9/5/2010 c26 SparklyWarlock
good chapter
9/5/2010 c26 26NoH8-make-a-rainbow
I love it :D Aww, there should be a sequel where they get married and have kids :)
9/5/2010 c26 MarMar125
i liked it was cute, i think u should start the next chapter after the vacation.
9/5/2010 c26 23FeelingThePullCallYourName
Aw... That's beautiful! I've always liked Christmas, it's just so... magical! And... I'm reviewing again! It was awesome to follow you throughout that story, from bad to good. Ok, I think I'm gonna tell you the rest next time when you'll finish up this fanfic but I had to say it. You're a faboulous author, and you write perfectly for Duncan. Really.

And I think you should write about Duncan being back at school after the holidays. It's just my opinion, but I'll take whatever you do.

Awesome story, and I'm looking forward to the next chapter.


9/5/2010 c26 25babydon'tletmefall

And I think you should write about him with his family, ;) Update soon!
9/2/2010 c25 DxC 3
This is like the best story ive ever seen :D
8/31/2010 c25 3Blackheartzia
Court apoligizing nice
8/31/2010 c25 17absolute nonsense
The fact that this (amazing) story is coming to an end, is breaking my heart little by little.

One of my favorites for sure.

Not only should you be thanking us, but we should be thanking you for even coming up with this. And more importantly, for not abandoning it. A lot of authors on this website do that. So thanks!

Great work, please update soon!
8/30/2010 c25 SparklyWarlock
omg so fluffy so cute i love it
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