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8/30/2010 c25 26NoH8-make-a-rainbow
Cute chapter 3 U should make a sequel of this story, where they get married :)
8/30/2010 c25 CarmillaD
AW! It was really cute indeed. I'm so glad they're OK now. Too sad this story's coming to an end, but like you mentioned, it's been a wonderful journey and you have more projects that I can't wait to read. Please, continue soon
8/30/2010 c24 CarmillaD
Eep, Courtney was in a terrible mood this chapter, too sad her friends had to deal with it. Hope she fixes all her problems with the people close to her soon.

Could that line Courtney imagined from Heather be a reference of TDWT, since the queen bee actually says the CIT lost it and transformed in Izzy's replacemente after the drama exploded?

"Tell me, what is your sign?" She asks me next.

"Libra." I answer.

Wait, wasn't Courtney's birthday on the last days of May, making her a Gemini?

OK, let's keep reading
8/30/2010 c25 1bumblebeetobe98
Haha 'Idk' is pretty awesome!

Aww I don't want it to end. I love this story and that ending!

I seriously was happy with that. With all the Dx'h' stuff going on, we need more fluffs! Update slower so the story last longer :)
8/30/2010 c24 bumblebeetobe98
Poor Courtney. I feel soo bad for her now :( Well great chapter. Sorry I haven't been on lately, been breaking from Fanfiction :)
8/30/2010 c25 33flymeawaytoneverland
awwwwww! this was so cute! ^^ haha, I loved it :P

8/30/2010 c23 CarmillaD
Oh, crap, things went so wrong T _ T... And that brings me to my opinion about TDWT: The season was great until the middle, when the drama started to make each chapter really painful: Three of my favorite characters in awful terms, two of them with a serious damage in their reputations, and if what I heard about the finale is true, then I don't support any of the two finalists *sigh*. Well, let's keep reading, at least here I have more hopes of healing after the tough moments in the plot T 3 T.
8/30/2010 c22 CarmillaD
Haha, aw, this chapter was funny and sweet. At first, I was worried about the stress Duncan feels because of Courtney's pressure in his studies, but is good to see they're now relaxing and having cute moments *^_^*. Let's keep reading
8/30/2010 c25 Liliana Jane
man summer vacation flew by fast:(

ANYWAYS so sad the story is going to end though. Fluffy chapter though.:)
8/30/2010 c25 23FeelingThePullCallYourName
Awww... So cute! Haha, I'm not late. For the last chapter, I was but it doesn't count :D! Got my first day at school today... Boring (ok, not too bad but school isn't cool and never will :() You made my day with that :D. Gotta go now and review next monday (or Sunday...). Haha, love that story =)
8/30/2010 c25 sammz
aaawwwhhh i love them not fighting and yes it really is fluffy:) anyways I'm pretty sad this story is ending soon but i kinda Sykes to hear the ending! cant wait i think!
8/30/2010 c25 MarMar125
omg i loved it
8/29/2010 c24 MarMar125
its good
8/28/2010 c24 17absolute nonsense
Interesting chapter, I'm excited to see where you are going from here.

Great work, please update soon :)
8/28/2010 c24 SparklyWarlock
it is a good chappie
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