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2/18/2012 c14 2Pelawen Night
Lmao on this chapter love it please right more
1/28/2012 c14 4Kit Ninja
OMG I love this story. I really love this chapter it is so amusing I startled my room mate nearly busting a gut. Can't wait for the next chapter
1/18/2012 c14 5angel61991
damn... poor koga. hahahahaha poor poor hiei hahahahaha. please update soon.
1/17/2012 c14 11Little Karma
This is an amazing story so far. i can not wait to see what every ones reaction is when kagome is revealed to be a fox.
1/14/2012 c14 64HeartsGuardianSol
Rather well written and a delightable treat to read so far. I can not wait to see what happens in future chapters. ^.^
1/12/2012 c14 xXxRainxXxDancerxXx
Bahaha that was brilliant! :)

I loved that one gesture could mean two completely different things. Kagome's point of view is really touching and sweet, and then you read Hiei's and you can't help but crack up.

I also adore the way you keep Kurama in the dark and how Hiei, of all people, is the one learning everything about her. :)

Basically, your doing an amazing job. There's a few typos here and there, but aside from that, Rock on babe. :)

Look forward to reading more from ya.

1/11/2012 c14 Music ADD
You had to kill off Koga?
1/11/2012 c14 2Cosmic-lover
I love this chapter and I love that you updated again :) I really enjoy it whenever Kagome gets to meet old and new friends alike but I'm saddened that another of her old friends died. I think the best part of this chapter was towards the end when Kagome got so emotional in front of Hiei and Kurama trying to use it to his advantage was just sooo amusing lol I wonder how poor Hiei will get out of this situation ^^
1/10/2012 c14 25Dark Inu Fan
Hiei's going to be cranky come morning... Kagome on the other hand, will have had a better sleep than she usually has these days. Keep up the good work, dark
1/10/2012 c14 6Leesulah
So here we are again. I jus can't seem to stay away from this story!

Wonderful job as always. Nice new OC! She is a handful...

I honestly didn't know who to suspect when the demon appeared. Sure surprised me with Hakkaku! Kouga's death was sad, but I just knew what he died of.

I like how you included Hiei more. It really made me feel better to know he mostly forgave Kagome.

Well, I'm sure we'll meet again! Until then, I'll be avidly awaiting the next chapter! (While procrastinating with my stories..)
1/10/2012 c14 3Valleygoat
lol funny and cute. yet another classic example of guys meaning being different from girls meaning. great chapter, please update again sson.
1/10/2012 c14 18SilvermistAnimeLover
LOL XD I LOVE how you ended this chapter~! ^_^ Hei's trapped, and Kurama's enjoying it~! ^_^ But... T~T Kogua died! T_T *Whimper*

Anyways~! -_-... ummm... Please update soon. Onigaishimasu~! ^_^ I really enjoyed this chapter~! ^_^
1/10/2012 c14 36Willow-Bee the Cat
Nice update.
1/10/2012 c14 DragonFire Princess
Love the story, Hope you'll uploads the story soon, I want to know what happen next in the story. So Please update the story ASAP.

When will you continue this story?
1/10/2012 c14 6lilyoftheval5
Koga died of heartbreak? Weird.

'you'll go mad if you are not cuddled to the brim with passion and desireā€¦' "Though, he was disgusted with the way she put it." That made me really laugh!
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