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for A Chance in Time

5/26 c5 Aki
I'm going to give up at this point. The first chapters are written very simply and the main character (Hermione) is absurdly OOC. Your Hermione in the future may have crush on long-dead Teacher!Snape, makes a teacher/parent sleep in her bed for warmth, is best friends with Headmaster!Minerva, is no longer attached at the mouth to Ron, idiotically uses the time turner in Gryffindor common areas and has a strange fixation on her 'real' age of 22.

There's also some extremely odd phrases all over. One example: "Making Hermione laugh at Minerva making a joke. She didn't make them often." Was she laughing at the joke or at Minerva? Suggest instead: "Hermione laughed. Minerva didn't make jokes often."

On another track: Hermione in the past is a transfer student who has lost her memory. If so, why does she still 'remember' all of these 'old friends' and professors that are making her smile all the time? Why does the Room of Requirement show up on the Marauder's Map now but Snape, listening in a few feet away, does not? It's just little things like these that keep slapping me out of true immersion in this story. I question why Snape is 'falling' for Hermione this quickly and I'm uncomfortable with the future pairing of this story given the age difference while both are still in a boarding school.
5/25 c25 Caramel4me
I wanted to like this so bad but I just couldn't get past some of the technicalities. Shes so worried about changing things and saying she can't tell anyone anything not the littlest thing and yet she goes and tell Dumbledore and Minerva EVERYTHING literally EVERYTHING about the future. What. She has no filter for someone is supposed to be in control and smart, it's driving me crazy. I keep trying to push through these things here and there just so I can get to the end but I just can't anymore it's so many and too often that little idiotic things like this happen.
I will say that besides that I was enjoying your fic. So thank you for doing what you do.
5/10 c22 AEdmo13
And I’m crying. Bloody letter making me cry
5/1 c42 kcarfang
I loved it! The emotional rollercoaster of this story was fabulous.
4/26 c33 meganmathews1
I too love Alan Rickman, but does anyone else picture a Kylo Ren instead of Alan Rickman when they read this? Just me? Haha moving on...
4/25 c29 meganmathews1
My heart is breaking!
4/25 c18 meganmathews1
Chapter 18. Hot Damn.
4/24 c10 meganmathews1
I love the inscription in the book!
4/24 c5 meganmathews1
Hilarious! Teenage Sirius cracks me up.
4/23 c2 meganmathews1
Well I finished chapter 2 and I'm hooked. I always wanted Albus and Minerva to be together too!
4/19 c42 Guest
Loved it. Great job
3/28 c20 Bella
What the hell is Daily PROFIT? Did your Beta miss this?
3/28 c19 Bella
Who the hell is MCGONNIGALL? I thought this was Beta'd.
3/2 c42 NoonaMaya
so beautiful story. overall I love all your story, but this one was so great and my favorite.
3/2 c29 NoonaMaya
I sobbing so hard when I read this chapter. hiks
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