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8/15 c3 djhay4
Just found this story and really enjoying it so far. Little weird that Dumbledore can read minds without looking at someoneand I would think that will compromise things anywaybut I'm only on chapter 2 so... Excited to see how things develop. The thing with Remus was both funny and tragic.
On to more story!
8/12 c23 Guest
One scar on her forarm was obvious. The one that read "mudblood"
7/24 c42 dunderheaded-ninny-muggins
Such a great story! Definitely one of my favorites now! Cried so many bloody times but so so worth it!
7/20 c1 7wine witch
This is a wonderful, amazing story. Thank you so much!
6/19 c6 7Always-Pottermore
Slughorn was the potion Professor... enjoying this thoroughly though :)
6/1 c7 Xanzyph
Weird. Pretty sure Lily had always defended Snape. And he lashes out at times when embarassed. Thats the very reason why they stopped being friends in the first place. If he lashed out at Lily, his best friend for many years, and a woman he loves, then I find his reaction to Hermione, someone he barely even knows to be a bit OOC. Other than that, everything else is pretty good so far.
5/21 c42 Lonelywicked
Lovely story. Thank you
5/18 c20 2DesMay
I just... my heart is breaking at this point because if/when H returns, S is supposed to be dead. so I'm really hoping you have some sort of happy ending here...
4/17 c29 Guest
I don't know if you noticed this or not but one of your paragraphs was repeated.
Love your story tho, I've read this like 5 times now. ️
4/12 c42 MotekElm
good job
4/12 c36 MotekElm
very sweet. Dumbledore is so nice in this story that it's OOC
4/12 c35 MotekElm
very nice
4/11 c22 MotekElm
4/11 c18 MotekElm
4/11 c16 MotekElm
great chapter
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