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5/7/2010 c6 6FollowThisRhythm

First off, I can notnot/not/ tell you how much I love metaphors- I love writing them and I love reading them because they, if written right, can bring so much life and a whole new level to a fic! They can make the reader pause and think "wow!" while they try and grasp the mind-blowingly fantastic metaphor and fic they just read and the one at the end? Yeah, I'm reeling over how PERFECT that was. I can't b e l i e v e how fitting the teacup idea was, the description and the whole "you glue it back together but there's always a piece that doesn't quite match up" was, again, BRILLIANT! I'm not trying to ramble or over-react but my gosshh that was amazing :)

This chapter was just stunning- I always pictured James as a heart-breaker, I think most do, and I love how fluently you have written him, how easy it is to identify with him, because the whole way through I was in a strange limbo between frowning and smiling because it was so /sad/ but so /beautifully written/ at the same time. You made his emotions, /him/, so real :)

Each installment just gets better and better- way to go! :D

5/7/2010 c5 FollowThisRhythm

So, as much as I've been loving and adoring the angst so far (you know how partial I am to it ;)), the ending to this has put the most /ginormous/ (?I think that's how you spell it?) smile on my face! While I tend to see "you had me at hello" as a totally cliche line (because I've come across too many fics with people revolving everything around that line and it's so painfully obvious and it, in my opinion, /doesn't work at all/ that I've come to dislike the line) it fit PERFECTLY and AMAZINGLY with this :D And I can't remember the last time I thought that. I love LuLo and I love this chapter and I love the wording and the style and the "you had me at hello" and the whole /air/ of this fic and just- /it a l l/. I'm rambling but I can't help it ;)

This and "keeping up an exterior" are tied now ;D

Amy :)
5/7/2010 c4 FollowThisRhythm
Oh gosh. This chapter was so beautiful and poignant and sad :(

Once again- like Victoire and Louis, too, actually- I've never paid much mind to Molly or given much thought to her character aside from her being /the mean one/, the one who is constantly at odds with Lucy and is hurting her, or /the perfect one/, this girl who gives off an aura and sense of perfection but, really, is just like everyone else and is as far from perfection as you can be. But gah! A g a i n you are making me rethink the character I've given her! There is so much more to her, so much /depth/ to her just as there is to everyone else, but her depths seem so tragic and so empty and so lonely and barren and it's so agonizingly /romantic/!

Just- it's so lovely :) Also, the fact that you left the boy nameless (whether it was intentional or whether his name just didn't really matter) was stellar! It adds a whole new level, I think, to the idea that you were playing with- he says she's beautiful and it's just like any other time someone has said so, he says she's beautiful and he's just like any other boy who has said the same thing to her. That move, while it may seem simple, is REALLY powerful and striking and it was GENIUS.

You are incredible Anna :D

My fave chapter so far, - ;) - Amy
5/7/2010 c3 FollowThisRhythm
Amazing :D

This one was really powerful and very, very easy to relate to because haven't we /all/ been in Louis' place once before? Maybe not with a bf/gf cheating but I think it's safe to say everyone has been put in a place where they are hurt and jealous and all they want to do is echo that pain onto the person who caused it- in this case, Alice and Liam. The last paragraph was BRILLIANT- the ending two lines totally packed one hell of a punch and it was incredibleamazingmagnificent how impeccable the wording and tone to it was:

"He says it just makes you feel guilty and if you don't, you wonder when you've become so heartless."

That line? That line has given me goosebumps ;)


Amy :)
5/7/2010 c2 FollowThisRhythm
Wowowow. This was amazing- I /loved/ this one!

While, thanks to Ellie, I've come to absolutely a d o r e&love Teddy and Lily together this drabble has /really/ given me some ideas for Teddy/Dominique. Wouldn't this be one of the more tragic of the couples? With her sister being in love with, and marrying, the boy who Dom is in love with too? Gah. My mind has been /blown/ Anna! :D -And not just by that couple idea but by your writing and the style and how seamlessly your words flow together. Even though the chapters are short you really just . . . /know/ what aspect to use, what moment and what theme and what emotion to build off of, to give a clear view of the characters and who they are so the reader can understand and relate. It's brilliant and it's only been two chapters so far but I'm loving this series ;)

Wonderful job ;) :D
5/7/2010 c1 FollowThisRhythm
Absolutely /lovely/.

I'll be honest- I've never cared for Victoire. I don't know why, there was never a real reason for me not to (I just /didn't/), but it's thanks pieces like this one that make me second guess everything I've come to think about her- all my assumptions and the cold, superficial character I've given her and built her into in my mind. (And I love when authors are able to do that, when they are able to write something so skillfully that I can't help but wonder whether I'm misjudged a character.) I love the idea of the facade and the perfection for her because those are two things I've just always associated with her- that she would give off this flawless air even while she wasn't (because no one is and it's impossible to be so)- and it just feels so real and /true/ when I read it and you just- you captured Victoire so /incredibly well/, I am kind of in awe ;) :)

This was just.. fantastic, absolutely f a n t a s t i c.

Amy :)
5/7/2010 c7 whydoistillhavingthisaccount
XD ;9
5/6/2010 c6 viridaea312
Well at least he wouldn't break another girls heart again. I mean just how many did he break?
5/6/2010 c1 viridaea312
I guess everyone outside her family thinks that she's perfect and she keeps it that way.
5/6/2010 c5 viridaea312
He told her he loved her and ended up falling in love with her sister. That must sting. I mean I wouldn't know but it must hurt. And her parents being divorced makes it much, much worse.
5/6/2010 c2 viridaea312
That must hurt. Correct me if I'm wrong but doe Dominique like Teddy too? 'Cause if she does, ouch. And she's a bridesmaid.
5/5/2010 c6 lonely hands
Oh, James! My heart is breaking for him, even though as Lily says, he deserves it xD
5/5/2010 c5 lonely hands
Aw, cute!
5/5/2010 c4 lonely hands
Oh, I'd day this is the most intriguing of all so far! I wonder who 'he' is...

I liked how it didn't end all fluffy- it was more realisitc the way you did it. Nice!
5/5/2010 c3 lonely hands
Louis is one of the next-gen characters I always seem to disregard (man, I'm horrible) but you made me fall in love with him!

I felt sorry for him and kind of hated him at the same time- a weird combination!
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