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3/9/2011 c15 13RandomImagination
Wow. I went into the SW/SPN not sure what to expect, because the two universes are more or less non-meshy-things. But wow. You managed to pull it off, nailed the characters, and overall created a compelling, emotional fic with a plot that is not only believable, but also interesting.

I only have one thing that bothers me and one piece of advice. First of all, I don't exactly have a positive opinion of the fact that Sam and Dean both said yes, intentionally giving in to their fates. It's just so antithetical to the spirit of the series...though I will concede that in the series, if you want to fight, you have to work really hard at it, and still pay a price. Was this plotted/written/whatever before Swan Song? Because that would actually explain a lot, since the show seemed to be heading in the Sam-and-Dean-inevitably-say-yes-and-kill-each-other for awhile.

Anyway, my one suggestion is to adjust the metaphorical power balance between the two series to be a little more in favor of Star Wars. Otherwise it might begin to feel like an SPN fic set in Star Wars, rather than a true crossover. The SW characters at times look too in danger of fading into the background. It looks like you're already heading in that direction, though, with Qui-Gon doing...something to the Colt. (And him cutting it was a HUGE surprise. Very nice.) So it doesn't look like that's a problem.

I am fervently hoping that Sam will show up in this fic-hopefully as himself, at least briefly, and not just Lucifer's meatsuit (though that's still cool). Assuming he still is... Anyway, my congrats on an excellent fic, my thanks for the entertainment, and my hopes that you will update very soon. :)
2/12/2011 c15 17SeraphimXII
xD I've seen this through searches of mine, but it wasn't until today that I thought "what the hell". I'm so HAPPY I DID! xDD

This is awesome! I love it! I hope you update soon!

1/29/2011 c6 Barranca
"you are our only hope" - is that saying cliché or what? But it works - never fails to bring a smile to my face at least! Things are starting to get interesting now that Castiel has made contact with Obi-Wan.
1/5/2011 c15 107kirallie
He destroyed the Colt? Why?
1/2/2011 c15 seoyas
Hey! Did Qui-Gon just cut the colt in half? If Michaels coming back then Lucifer and Sam are too right?

I like that it was Gabriel who entrusted the colt to others for protection. Wil he be showing up? How come Castiel's powers are low again?
1/2/2011 c15 33trecebo
If smaller bites work for you, then, by all means, smaller bites works for me as well. I just am glad you are still working on this and determined to finish it.
1/2/2011 c15 8Padawan-BubbyKenobi
*groans* Oh, Qui... What are you doin'? I'm pretty sure he's just trying to help, but I'm positive it'll just make things worse! And poor Obi! And awesome Cas! And update soon or you're going to have a riot on your hands! XD
1/2/2011 c15 5princess moon shadow
Oh well, better a short chapter than no chapter at all. Love the chapter!
1/2/2011 c15 24Zuzanny
Too bad if they need the colt now, huh?
12/27/2010 c14 38Southern Spell
Okay. Obi-Wan is my favorite from the first three episodes of Star Wars (Hon Solo is my favorite from the second three) and Dean Winchester is just my favorite character ever. So you combining the two is just so awesome, and therefore makes you awesome. I must thank you for writing and sharing this story.
12/24/2010 c14 deletingaccounttt
12/19/2010 c14 seoyas
Oh my god, Qui-Gon hid the Colt? That was unexpected. Nice surprise though, can't wait to see where you go from here.
12/17/2010 c14 24Zuzanny
Oooh! The plot thickens!
12/17/2010 c14 3Dragon Mistress Syal
Thanks for updating
12/16/2010 c14 4212
Great story, I love how you're pulling everything together. Keep up the good work!
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