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for Et tu, Pokè?

4/4/2013 c5 7SeraphOmega
Hah, got the L4D reference as soon as Ash said "Don't let that stop you from smearing it all over yourself" xD

Nice, nice, I was kinda fearing you were gonna turn this into a generic "zombie survival" story.
4/4/2013 c4 SeraphOmega
Wow, I remember checking this story out awhile back, when you only had chapter 3 up, and stopped after Ash beat Pikachu to death ;n;

But anyway, there's definitely an appeal to blasting beedrill brains all over the place xD
7/9/2012 c7 Chance C
Fantastic, This is an example of fine, dedicated, well thought out literature. Keeping me on the edge of my seat, praying that the main characters didn't die and hoping Ash and Dawn survive and get together are just side effects of reading this amazing story, keep up the great work. I look forward to it.
5/7/2011 c6 2ShinyPokeManic
Good, but scary.
3/19/2011 c7 7mikirox1
Woo hoo, another apocalypse! Just the thing to bring my spirits up.

I actually saw something on Facebook saying that the first five friends on the profile's sidebar would be your teammates in a zombie apocalypse. I'd rather end up with Dawn, Ash, and Len because I'm stuck with 3 pianists, 1 artist, and 1 college student. Wonderful team, don't you think?

Why does this remind me of Left 4 Dead? Why are the pokemon getting smarter?

10/19/2010 c7 8UBE Chief
Up the river without a paddle...or even a boat.

Sad to say, this entourage is getting the butt end of a VERY bad joke. Out only hope is that our protagonists survive this horrible experience.

Write more,

- UBE Chief
10/19/2010 c7 5Twilight- The Moon Spirit
Glad to see your back xD

And pikachu isb't dea, he just fainted... for a really long time xD
10/19/2010 c7 DollarMan32
WWWWOOOOOOOTTT! Again an awesome chapter from this kick-ass story can't wait for the next one!
10/18/2010 c7 2Facescar
YAY! I'm so happy this story's back! (Even if it's only temporarily XD).

Thanks for such a great story :). And the wait's bearable when you turn out chapters like this! :)
10/18/2010 c7 zetroC Girl
holy crap you've updated. that's wonderful! ;-;

awww @ the Ash/Dawn stuff. I love how you can squeeze in a heartwarming moment when the group is ankle-deep in what could most likely be shit and various other crap, and still make your readers go 'awww'. hahaha, nice. :')

keep on writin'!

-zC G.
10/18/2010 c7 Pyroboy5000
that was awesome! im glad you're not "dead" anymore. hope to see more of this story sooner
10/18/2010 c2 5Cortega
Awesome story though.
10/18/2010 c1 Cortega
I take offense to the "men are slobs" comment (though i do concede that many are.) I am the neatest person in my family; my sister and mother are a different story...
10/18/2010 c6 DollarMan32
I really love your story so far and i hope the next chapter will come soon.

Good Job
10/18/2010 c7 1Wellington99

So, next is mercy hospital, huh? Nice. I know your Left 4 dead references well, young padiwan lol

Though to be honest, you still need probably one more person. I know I keep suggesting him, but Zealot is still a good choice. I still have the info for him that I can send to you if you want. As for what his 'occupation' is... How about "Soldier of Fourtune" who has his Charizard's skull on a home made flamethrower (Like on the part where the flames come out).
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