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4/30/2010 c1 1934. The Forest Again
The writing in this was amazing. You used great imagery, the kind that's natural and you can't learn how to do it :)

But... this is me being a canon freak:
In my humble opinion Sirius was out of character. If you remember, Dementors feed off of guilt and sorrow of the criminals locked up in Askaban which is why they eventually go crazy. For Sirius, the reason he was able to get out with his sanity was because he truely wasn't guilty. He was so driven on revenge and anger and escape that he was why unaffected by the Dementors. While he was locked up he didn't moan and whine and otherwise wallow in self pity because if he had he would never have gotten out. But you can probably tweak this to fit, especailly since it's not too long.

Great job though, and thanks for the dedication.


P.S. This doesn't mean you get the next chapter of ARW just like that, though. Nice try but I'm still waiting for my AS/OW fic! (:D

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