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5/4/2014 c17 1Dphantom
I used to play Jak and Daxter all the time as a kid. It make me happy to see that you wrote two great stories on it. Freakin' amazing!
9/12/2012 c17 2NeverisaDork
I freakin' LOVE this! Please, please PLEASE update soon!
6/24/2012 c1 TrumpetGirl0921
pllllllllease keep going with this story. It's really good and ur oc is awesome! Don't listen to the haters.

please please please finish )
6/23/2012 c18 Sockity Sockington
It's TLOSpyrogirl, so if you want to reply, do it to that account, but be warned I'm not going to see it until Augustish. Don't ask why I'm on this account... looong story. xD

Anyway, what's wrong with OCs? Don't listen to all those crazy old people who think they should DIEEE BCUZ DEY R EBUL MARY SUEZ... OCs are awesome! So long as, you know, they're not SuperSues. xD

So, yeah. Definitely continue if you can. But... I feel the need to tell you that author's note chapters are against the rules. I know, I know, I'm not supposed to do this but... just, whenever you've decided what you're going to do, get rid of this chapter. That's all.

Ew, twitter. xD I'm just gonna, you know, sit here and wait around. Louis! Grab some pillz and a defibrillator. xD Anyway, long review is long... again. Hope to see you continue!
6/12/2012 c17 Complete the Circuit
Please come back and finish this. I want to know what happens. Please.
5/15/2011 c1 25SnickerToodles
ZOMG! I used to read this story on my phone...that was before I didn't know how to review and didn't have an account. So basically, like, five or six months ago. XD Well, anyway, i loved it, but you didn't update for two weeks or something and finally I moved on. And now I wanna read it again. XD *singing* Memories, drifting whatever-watered memories... ♪



Anyway, Fevrier is right. I couldn't keep Jak in character if...if the game was playing in my ear and he was talking.

Or something like that.

I don't write here anyway,

Still love Jak 2.

But that was Toxic Lightning, wasn't it?

Uh...wasn't it?

Okay, either way, I am going to favorite this page, right here, so I don't forget about it, and then I'm gonna read it as soon as I possibly can! Just not now. Busy writing my own fanfiction. lol

You know, I love those fics about people getting sucked into video games. Maybe I should write my own.


Now look at that. I managed to ramble in my review. And most of it wasn't even about this awesome story. That is apparently nearly over. Why did that take you six months? Seriously, geez. Or maybe I read this AFTER I got an account? Did I review already? Um...*checks* Nope.


Only 20 reviews? WTF. What...what is wrong with all the people out there who haven't reviewed? I mean, goh-LEE!

Gah, sorry if you don't like super-long reviews.

Wait...who doesn't like super-long reviews? XD

I'm gonna shut up now...You're probably all like 'Uh...Who the heck is this crazy girl reviewing my story and what in the world is she talking about!' anyway. Okay, TLO, wrap it up. Good story, good plot, good non-Mary-Sues, good non-OOCness. I will be waiting for updates. Don't worry...only my first and last review is usually this long. XD

*looks at update date*

GOH-LLY! Sheesh! Wow! Did you get mauled by a BEAR or something?

Okay okay. That doesn't mean you're not going to update for a year, right?

12/3/2010 c17 1FevrierMai
I want to let you know that I had completely given up on self-insert fanfiction until I found this series. It's not so much the way you write, but that your characters are believable. They have flaws! They get angry! They aren't totally fearless! They aren't over powered! Jak is in character! (something that fanfic writers have issues with)
8/19/2010 c13 2Snoara
Hohoumygod got a high from this one, I did! You made one heck of a story and now I'd just like to have a smoke or something... You go and write that story to the bittersweet end and you'll make me one happy messed up gal!
8/5/2010 c6 9Bloody-Asphode11
Is the Dark Beast Who will come after Tox who i think it is?

if so...

GO and Get her Jak Keira's is way to perky for you

Update soon
8/1/2010 c5 5J.C Jackals
Interesting, interesting.

I'm seeing more development in Tox. Great!
7/20/2010 c4 darkwolf227
yess! i love this story,keep it up! XD
7/20/2010 c4 J.C Jackals
Hmm, nice update.

Your detail is getting better from what I've seen.

Also, keep a sharp eye out for your *I'm* 'kay? You keep forgetting to finish it up. Always triple check your writing just to be safe and smart.


Looking forward to the next chapter.
7/17/2010 c3 2Tala Medori
please please please update! i love your story

i would love to read about what wappens next. please hurry.

7/16/2010 c3 5J.C Jackals
Dude! You're cruel!

I SO want to read the next chapter!
7/8/2010 c2 4Luminista
I blazed through reading Toxic Lightning cause I was so in love with it and was so sad to see the sequel has two chapters.

But that's okay, I'll subscribe to it and wait :)
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