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for Zuko's laughter

12/13/2015 c1 HeatherShira
I think it's hilarious!
2/20/2012 c1 Trident Gum
ahaha...AHAHAHAHAHA! XD XD XD wow, I have never read a fanfiction that made me laugh this hard before *is almost crying from laughing* At first, I didn't get it, but then HAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for that~ I needed a good laugh ^^
8/16/2010 c1 131TheBlueFoxtrot A Samba
It was funny, it really was.
5/1/2010 c1 12Captain Boo Bear
i am extremely sleep deprived
so it's freakin' hilarious
4/29/2010 c1 ravenrockszutara4ever
I almost died laughing lol!
4/29/2010 c1 9Sun Daughter
Haha, I get it, and I couldn't help but smirk. It was kind of cute. I loved how you added Lo and Li in there!

This was a pretty good length, and I really liked your situation. Very clever and adorable. I'm not really a fan of present tense, but you did an OK job with it. Your spelling was nice, but your grammar, however, could use a little work. It did detract from the story a little, but it can easily be fixed.

You missed a few periods. After someone talks, you put a period. For example, instead of:

"What are you doing here?" Li says
Put a period behind "says". OK?

Hmm... I think you could also work on a little more detail. Your length was pretty good, but I want to see the story playing out in my head! Yours did an OK job with that, but I feel like it could've been a little better. You have good potential so keep practicing!

Keep writing and have a nice day.
4/29/2010 c1 1Nene428
I made me giggle...

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