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for Broken People

9/8 c37 Raven Fay
This hasn’t been updated in a long time so I don’t know if you will get this, but I really enjoyed reading this fic! The relationship between Jack and Tsu’tey was really well drawn out and well established. I know this fic is pretty old by now, but I just wanted to say that this was by far the Avatar fic I’ve ever read.
5/23 c1 1neytirisdad
The best Avatar fanfiction on par with One of the People. Absolutely superb.
5/21 c37 Ralinmil
I remember reading this a while back, and having just rewatched Avatar, I was filled with the need to read this again. It took me a while to find this again and it was just as great as I remembered. I know its been a 3hile but if you ever want to finish it, I'd love to know the ending of it. Xoxo much love!
5/17 c37 Guest
This is my second time reading this fic and I still love it so much. I love the world building you’ve done and the way you write the different Na’vi but especially Jake and Tsu’tey. The writing is so vibrant and I can always picture what’s going on very precisely. Thank you for writing it so far, this is such an immersive story and I love it so much.
4/18 c34 commanderbog
Neytiri should have been with Tsu'Tey.
4/17 c37 commanderbog
I think Neytiri was selfish. Tsutey was good enough.
4/17 c17 commanderbog
I love how tmtou writr Tsutey
4/16 c8 commanderbog
I cant understand this story past chapter2.
12/1/2019 c37 Starling
Excellently written. Please update.
7/29/2019 c37 Noxy the Proxy
Oh wow. this is good. amusing, to. My Grammar is horrible, for that I apologize. xD
7/2/2019 c37 5Copper Clouds
I'm really glad you wrote this. It's a great depiction of their friendship and of the potential further ramifications. I'm sorry to see that you have apparently abandoned it. If you ever pick it back up again, I'll be watching for the new chapter notice.

2/6/2019 c37 pheonix1023
To start with - this is a great story with really enjoyable characterization and I just reread it because I like it so much. That said - is this officially abandoned? I assume so since its been years since an update - but there doesn't seem to be anything posted to confirm that I can see. If it is abandoned I would appreciate official notice and anything you care to share about how you were planning to finish the story.
12/30/2018 c1 iloveyou1234
Awesome first chapter!
8/19/2018 c37 Guest
Good story please finish it.
7/23/2018 c3 1wildtrance
Is Jake going to talk about his twin? Do the Na'vi have twins?
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