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for A Candy Man's Conscience

1/20/2017 c14 6MyWonkaSenpai
nice story...that's all I can say
12/15/2015 c14 Hats24
Very sweet.
9/2/2012 c14 SaySomethingNiceDarling
oh by the way i love how she came with the oompa loompas i really love those guys and i love her friendship with choldel! i thought it odd that they brought the house what with all the rooms in the factory but i kind of like it. oh also i did love this story! glad i read it!
9/2/2012 c13 SaySomethingNiceDarling
question? this song she has been singing throught out the story is it the same song in every chapter just little parts in each one? or is it a different song in each chapter?
11/7/2011 c14 Panda Bandit
i loved it
11/19/2010 c14 Bryana92
Just read the whole thing and I love it!
7/11/2010 c10 ScrewballBRaine
so far very good but one thing. U got the lyrics wrong. :D

"A fish head for example cut,

This morning from a halibut"

Just for future referance :)
6/15/2010 c14 1hansrach
That was so sweet, I'm sorry it has to end. If you plan to make another (yah right) you should totaly do something with Choldel. I love that name by the way; it sounds French *wink. Well you know me; I always love a good story. Keep it up, I hope to hear another one of your lovely and beautiful stories.
6/2/2010 c11 1From Ritz to Rubble
Love the story...

Keep up the awesome work...

Can't wait for next chappy
4/30/2010 c1 the bad company
nothing less then what i would expect from you! good job

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