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3/14/2014 c1 Anonymous
One thing to say.
Just. . . wow.
That's amazing. It's so deep. And I love the way you hint to what's going to happen in the future. Amazing job, I say. Five stars :D
5/13/2010 c1 27son-of-puji
I loved the first part with the cellphone the most: the whole voice message that never got rerecorded, and Lance's different messages which tell so much about the whirlwind of thoughts and emotions coming upon him, showing how impotent he was in the whole situation. Really great. The other thing I liked is the way you described their relationship, all the way saying how to mend something that's broken, and that it was a "not really being together mess". Great choice of words. Just as much as when he feels how wrong everything is that doesnt have anything to do with Kitty, like curling up beside that Maggie(:D).

Just a sidenote, not that it matters at all: this time Pietro wasnt still back with the Brotherhood. He returned there as a bossy bitch only in the end of Stuff of villains, the episode after Mainstream. But it really doesnt make any difference:)

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