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11/17/2015 c5 Guest
Could you please update
10/9/2015 c5 8shelvesinthecloset
Hey! Just found this story. I hope you decide to update it soon! You do great NaruIno. :)
12/14/2013 c5 trixieee08
Please update soon! I love your NaruIno stories!:-)
6/29/2013 c1 lj26
I love this story please update soon!
6/12/2013 c5 5Demonic Sparkle
Please continue! I have fallen in love with this story3
1/9/2012 c1 41Kailor Aurelius
Can I favorite auther you twice? Hmmmm... apparently not lol
12/25/2011 c5 2lilibug-xx
Ahhhh! You gotta do another chapter, that was too suspenseful!
7/31/2011 c5 4VixenAblaze
I really like this :D

It's interesting and I hope you update soon!
7/6/2011 c4 3Marvey4
Interesting story. It's totally different from Wedding Sniper. Izumo and Kotetsu's appearance is something new since they barely appear in AU stories. Keep up the good work.

4/7/2011 c5 Dusk Eclipse
Story check-list:

Interesting premise: check

Interesting plot (so far): Check

Good Characterization:check

Good grammar and spelling: check

No outright (or unnecessary)character bashing: check

Favourite pairing (NaruIno): Check

Sir (or madame), I have to congratulate you on this great fic, I stumbled across it by pure chance and just spend the last hour or so reading all through it. I have to say I don't regret it on the minimum; great job. I am already expecting the next chapter and I hope it will be as good as all the others.

Just one little suggestion, using longer paragraphs and bit more description will make the story easier to read (at least in my opinion).

I'll keep reading and reviewing, so till later.
4/2/2011 c5 JoA510
such a good story, i hope to see naruto's point of view later, please write more!
3/17/2011 c2 4Killer Intent
What a way to end the chapter! I love what Naruto says here.
3/16/2011 c5 16shourin
Yare yare...

Purposely waited until you updated a couple of chapters until I read it. Coz, I knew that it would be so damn addictive.

Good job on this chapter. The suspense, Oh em Gee!

You should update this faster. Haha. and Happy belated Birthday. You've survived another year. Cherished it!
3/9/2011 c5 55kazorashi
! Oh my goodness, you and your cliff hangers! And I thought MINES were captivating, you, you, y-you-you're just being unfair to me! ... Anyhow, I love how everything seems to be falling into (or maybe out of for Ino's case) place with this fictional story. It's...mezmorising in a way/sort. And very on-edge, and I like that about your writing. Not too mention you sneak some goods in there(:. It's not high school romances either, it's... More than that, better. Different. I think this is why I like your kinda' writing.
3/9/2011 c3 kazorashi
**flush* Whew, and that scene was only a kiss, whew. I don't think I'd handle more than that! However, Ino. You brave brave brave brave soul, I'm loving this almost as much as I did (I'm pretty sure it was called) "Wedding Sniper." Oh yeah.
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