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1/3/2013 c1 35Gothic-Romantic99
This is a creative, funny story idea. Each of their methods for trying to cure Roxas' hiccups is laugh-worthy. I can see him flailing about and kicking Axel in the face.

Yeah, I don't think I want to know what it is that scared him that bad.

The part at the end with Saix is hilarious. "Roxas had hiccups," Axel told him. His hair was a giant afro now [that alone would be fun to see], thanks to the humidity.

"So you drowned the kitchen?"

I laughed so hard at those two lines. Just imagining Saix saying that is too funny.

Good work with this story.
1/3/2011 c1 18OriginalCopy
N'awww! That was sooo cool! I love the whole thing but the best bit HAD to be 'the Kitchen That Actually Was' XD That was hilarious! I fell out my chair with laughter! And the Xigbar bit was scary. Who knows what's under that eyepatch *shudders*. The only thing that cofused me is why the story suddenly turned into italkics have way through? XD I loved it anyway! Great one-shot dude!
7/3/2010 c1 7Kiexa
"Well, Roxas, it looks like the universe hates you. You're going to have to live with hiccups forever."

oh, I love that. :) And also, Demyx's theory on having hearts? Brilliant. I'll say he suffers from an acute case of denial.

Very cute. Nice job! :)
5/23/2010 c1 6xxxNam-niCxxx
Lol this story is...well...Lol XD

And I think Demyx was right. For the first Time! One in a row for him XD
5/13/2010 c1 27surfingfiend2685wolfqueen
Cute! Xion's lucky she poofed away.
5/9/2010 c1 7Patchworkcrows
X3 Sleeping's nice.
5/2/2010 c1 1KingdomHeartsRox
This is an awesome one shot. Lol demyx is actually smart because what he said is true
5/2/2010 c1 1nichiibotsu
This is really funny :D

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