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1/14 c55 gremlin914
Great story, would like to see more.
12/28/2020 c2 Guest
The librarian : "loading new save file..."
12/28/2020 c2 Guest
The librarian : "well that just happened, there goes my million years of work"
12/19/2020 c55 ddwm91
Hell yeah batman! Please continue this story. I wanna set how the chief deals with this ackersen lady. Another round of "story time with the team", perhaps?

This is an attack on the integrity of himself and his team.

The chief has changed for the better. It's about time an outsider recognizes that.

Much love

11/5/2020 c55 Gold
Really hoping that this story gets continued one day, it is easily among the best Halo/ME crossovers ever. It's the story that got me interested in Mass Effect in the first place all those years ago, and it'd be heartbreaking to see the story that got me into one of my favorite series to just end like this.
Not only that, but I'm unfortunately the type of person who wants to see things to their conclusion, so the sheer amount of stuff that's been left unresolved is just torture. Saren's plans with Halo, Ackerson and ONI's plans with Chief, Wrex's fate and who gets left behind at Virmire (Hoping both Wrex and Ash survive), the Council's fate during the final battle, the rumored Spartan sightings, who Chief becomes romantically involved with (Hoping Tali); and then there's ME2 and how Chief and Cortana react to being revived by Cerberus, and how Arbiter would react to that news given his hatred for them and open vow to slay Miranda since she's gonna be Chief's second on the SR2

I'm sorry for rambling a bit, but as I said, this is among my favorite fanfics that I hope gets continued one day
11/2/2020 c6 Eddyg125
This is just a canon except with chief and there are a few plot holes here
10/30/2020 c3 Nick Walsh1
this makes no sense at all. why would 2 of the most paranoid species (sanghelli and human) even bother listening to the citadel? mass effect ftl is at most 5ly/d for shipboard engines, unsc ftl was 4.5ly/d when they were first introduced and covenant was 2000ly/d
10/27/2020 c6 7Pyronormal Simplicity
I really like this work,I really do, but I just can't vibe with the Chief's personality. I've always seem him as the stoic, silent type that only speaks his mind when he needs to and is funny because of his lack of reaction to things, not because of he says a few quips here and there. I would much prefer if the characters in this story acknowledge the fact that Chief's not much of a talker, but I guess the point here is to paint him as an actual character instead of a suit of armor we play as. either way, it's something I would prefer to see, but this is just as interesting
10/25/2020 c3 4Dark The Bunny
What happened to the UEG? They basically have the same job as the HSA.. Bloody confusing.
10/4/2020 c3 Sir.Doc
I don't know what to say about this fanfiction, in short this is nonsense like wtf how can unsc make their ship smaller after the war why replace their advanced technology for citadel garbage and that bullshit about covenant energy shields being weaker, ffs UNSC macs especially ODPs can oneshot CAS assault carrier by all logic halo human ship weapons are hell of a lot stronger then mass effects mac. Verdict is pleas learn the lore of the halo univers before writing something like this ya disgusting xenos liver
10/2/2020 c55 MrMcNasty
C'mon Chief, kick the bitch in her kneecap to bend her leg backwards and punch her in the throat. You're a Spectre, you don't answer to Alliance; especially not uppity nepotist ONI cunts.
9/27/2020 c3 Sito uzumaki namikaze
seeing how humanity is basically being strangled by the citadel is ...!
I mean how can humanity be the citadels bitch when they have more experience in fighting wars
have the bigger ships
have bloody AI's
have slipspace FTL
they're stronger all around
and ur telling me
after all, they've been through they just gonna let the citadel walk all over them?
9/27/2020 c2 LuluViBritania
even if you discount Slipspace Human Ships from Halo out do Mass Effect ships in every regard
9/25/2020 c55 captainmarvolus
yes please i love this fanfic i wonder who chief will end up dating
9/24/2020 c3 Linkblade0
The biggest issue I have is the humans willing going along with whatever the Citadel Council said about their tech. Especially when one of them invaded them and it's even acknowledged as an attempt to weaken them.

And the discontinuation of AI takes the cake. Human AI were one of the three things that kept humans from going extinct. They are the one TRUE ally that humans had. But sure, let's kill them to make nice with a bunch of aliens that recently attacked us for trumped up reasons.
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