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for Shards of Glass

12/14/2019 c1 8Blorcyn
I enjoyed your other fic and checked your profile to see what else you had out! I'm sad to see this is only one chapter, although it's as long as I usually like them to be so that's good! I think you did good characterising of Snape here! And Harry! I think you can identify when this was taking place from just the opening line alone! It's a low point and Harry needs comforting! I think that you should focus on, in the upcuming (haha) chapters, how exactly Snape proves that his love isn't a pale reflection of his feelings for Lily but a noble sentiment that developed out of their complex relationship in its own right! Make sure to transform that love not just replicate it! Otherwise its just a 50 year old boarding house teacher shagging an underage male pupil! That would be creepy lol! play up the romance! I'll be right there with you the whole way through! Yay! Good stuff! Well done!
1/7/2013 c1 2CheddarTrek
8/30/2012 c1 3loveless fangirl
it's never that easy.
once you start you don't just quit.
espescially if you've been Cutting for awhile.
6/9/2012 c1 xtrashine
Oz, what a truly remarkable piece you have produced. It brings to the forefront of my mind visions of tranquility, of peace, of brilliance, of beauty, of elegance, of regality, of grandness, and finally, displays all the pleasure given to readers and potential that the Snarry pairing has as literary content.
6/9/2011 c1 21Count Anarchy
belly button!
8/26/2010 c1 2DarthBill
Poor Harry! Lucky he has a greasy jerk to love him and impregnate his pooper.
8/25/2010 c1 2BarneyXII
I'm reviewing simply because I think this epic story deserves more than 4 reviews.

Bravo, Oz! Or Lolrus if you prefer.
7/9/2010 c1 iMessing
Kill it ! Kill it with Fire !
5/16/2010 c1 OrangishWaffle
I much prefer your other story. I came looking for epic slash, and I am disappoint.
5/3/2010 c1 Ky
Bahaha. Authors note made me lol. This has been done a lot but hopefully you'll be able to come up with something new ^^ gl!
5/3/2010 c1 CoverTom

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