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for We are legion

2/24/2015 c16 8DinoGuy2000
Wow, I never reviewed this. Is this even still active? Are you even active? Anyway, I enjoyed this story even before I had played Halo. A shame I can't come up with anything to say, but I'm trying to say something for many fics that I added to my favorites list but never actually reviewed.
12/17/2012 c16 1DeathRiot
D: it over WAAAA! :'(
12/16/2012 c6 DeathRiot
a SC wow
6/9/2012 c2 Kane
Hm...looks like you need a beta reader and a spell checker but aside from that its a good story,though you seem much focused on the battle scenes. Oh and I like Grave teams members..they are fun and that little game they had going on in this chapter reminded me of the rivalry of Gimli and Legolas from Lord of the Rings. So over all its a nice story with lots of potential Im looking forward to see released.

Oh and please continue the story its really good.

1/27/2011 c16 Thorlain
Wow, this is a very interesting and enjoyable story, well written and made me want to keep reading it. Interesting plot and the way you have incorperated the halo and lylat universes together is wonderful

Keep Up The Excellent Work and cant wait for more


P.s. i hope you manage to continue this story with a sequal because that would also be very interesting :)
9/3/2010 c16 An0nymous
Nice work here! Very good story please update!
6/20/2010 c15 supersgi
Very nice cant wait for the next chapter and please consider doing a sequel haha.
6/17/2010 c14 Kitsune Arrow
This story is really well wrote and researched for the Starfox missions lots of twists and turns keep this story interesting and fun. I have read all fourteen chapters in two day veary well wrote veary few stories can keep me this interested. Keep going with this story it is really good
6/12/2010 c3 Snoweh
Starfox is owned by nintendo, just thought to let you know. Good story btw
6/10/2010 c13 2TheGrueHunter
I'm gonna guess that the insurrectionists have some nasty surprise planned.

This story just keeps on getting better and better. My only suggestion is to put in line breaks so the reader can tell where the location changes, or a major amount of time passes. For example:

""Return to the base. Your job is done. Now we wait."

*linebreak (reviews don't have one)

Flagship Shadow of intent

"We have exited slipspace sir." The helmsman said to...

...is top priority we destroy the heretic fleet. Order all ships to raise shields and charge weapons. Deploy all fighters. Ready yourselves for war."


Katinan Firebase

The UNSC and New covenant forces were in their positions..."
6/10/2010 c13 CISfan
So the UNSC took a page from the Mandolrians, eh?
6/8/2010 c12 graystripe
hi i like this story alot especially this chapter about falco.

do you know that the people in lylat are called lylatians?
5/28/2010 c10 ethereal chicken
Looks like shit's about to hit the fan. Love the story btw. Keep it up.
5/26/2010 c9 Gobbles the Turkey
I'm surprised you don't have more reviews.
5/9/2010 c4 TheGrueHunter
The humor is great, and the action is pretty well done too. The only problem I have with this is the last two paragraphs:

""Thank you for your assistance." Nijon said before we flew full speed up to the docking bay of the pariah. When we boarded we watched starfox dispatch the other apariods with ease until pigma entered and began talking in a manor that made Jiralhanae sound smart. We could barely understand any of it until part of the machinary on the base came alive and started spewing out more apariods. We were going to help but starfox ansisted we hunt down pigma while they handled the apariods.

Just then his ship passed by and we pursued in the pariah. He was laughing and making bannter but none of us understood it. However something happened that none of us would expect. Slipspace ruptures began forming infront of his ship. The Arbiter and his task force weren't supposed to arrive for another weak. Instead of several UNSC and New covenant ships exiting, 2 beat up frigates and 1 destroyer came thru. All the UNSC markings where removed. Instead they had names like the anarchist, hidden intentions, and so on. All those ship names and lack of UNSC markings ment one thing. Inssurectionist. Pigma was with them."

They seemed a bit rushed. Also I think legion in "We are legion should be Capitalized, along with the chapter name (vendetta). Oh, and "weak" in the above paragraph should be "week".

Other than that this story was great, and I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

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