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for Reluctant Hero

9/24 c13 Guest
When Pakku said "let the healers get a real look at you" my mind said "looking doesn't involve any water magic lol"
9/23 c9 Guest
At this point, just give up waternation lol
8/17 c45 Guest
I want to know what happens next! This is so good! ! :D Please keep writing! T-T (since i saw this was last updated last year...) T-T
8/9 c25 3Snowleopardcheetah
Sacrifice, hmm... Maybe Avatar Aang agreed to somehow sacrifice being in the line of Avatar past lives so he could return and guide Zuko in the physical world?
7/26 c44 Snowleopardcheetah
I really love the idea of Appa becoming the crew's favorite napping spot.
7/25 c29 Snowleopardcheetah
April Fool's... You got me, I'll admit. I'm still enjoying this, though.
7/25 c27 Snowleopardcheetah
I both feel sorry for Shen and would love to see the look on Jayendra's face if he realized who he had actually been flirting with.
6/19 c45 InfiniteCringeMaster
This story is amazing, keep up the great work.
6/12 c45 ERMovieFreak1210
This story is so good! I love it!
4/16 c45 I-Nex-I
Such a great story, and so much care put into adding parts of the cultures into it as well. I hope you’re doing well, and that you return when you have the time
4/14 c41 I-Nex-I
I’m so curious now with this line. “ Is that why the past Avatars had such a sway in his mind?”

I was under the assumption that this was just a change in regards to how the Avatar interacted with their past lives in general in your story, not something unique to Zuko, so now I’m very curious
4/8 c19 5ForeverSummerSnows
Marine spirits are very much in West-African mythology too. I know the source material is east-inspired, but just thought to let you know.
4/1 c27 I-Nex-I
I’ve been really enjoying this story so far. The way you’ve portrayed things such as giving in to the avatar state, the past lives being much more present with their whispers, as well as complicating the war and national politics. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite Avatar stories.
3/28 c45 2Drunken Hamster
Damn. And now I've caught up. Yue really DID pick a terrible name, lol. But man is this story really complex and well done. I really hope you don't cast this aside. As I said in my other review, fuck the haters, you're doing some bitchin work!

Can't wait for more!

3/25 c37 Drunken Hamster
Lol, water blenders, fire blenders, what next? Spirit blenders?

I love this fic. Fuck the haters. But also fuck those soul stealing ghouls. I almost want to write a one shot my my own oc incinerating that mf and saving Miki. "Hate what you fear" and all, y'know?

I'm really looking forward to the climax of Aang being a reincarnation. And how *Avatar* Aang died and then reincarnated himself.

My only fair gripe is that Zuko isn't technically learning the elements that correspond with the names of the "books". But it does seem like mostly a character study fic, anyway, so.

Anyway, here's my first review. Expect at least one more once I'm "caught up", and lastly, I pray this fic isn't abandoned.

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