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8/30 c19 20little miss BANANNA HEAD
LMAO I’m re-reading this after a few years and I remember the original chapter — was wondering why it felt a little different, then I read the revision note at the end. Hahahahha
8/24 c1 Guest
Holy shit what a great idea! This AU is amazing
7/12 c45 8Equilized Enigma
Just finished binge reading this and I, of course, loved it!
Can't wait for more, if more is to come.
6/24 c45 1Twig the Half-Blood
OOOOHHHHHHH I LOVE THIS FIC! I love the idea of Avatar Zuko, but could never find a fic that did it well. It seems my search has come to an end! All the angst, and fluff, I could easily picture Aang and Zuko's adventures as if they were from the show!
I love the reasoning you gave for reincarnating Aang separate from the Avatar spirit. And the bit with Sokka talking to that spirit was really cool!
Aside from all that, I noticed quite a few spelling mistakes. You frequently misspelled "meditating" as "mediating", and often you used a word that was similar to the word you probably intended to use.
I also noticed that sometimes your sentence structure seemed a little... off? Like, it was just phrased weirdly, or you used a particular word or phrase twice in the same sentence/paragraph.
Anyways, good job so far, and I hope you get back to this fic soon! It's been two years, so I don't have much hope, but sometimes authors come back to their fics after more than five years, so no need to feel like it's been too long to continue!
6/24 c40 Twig the Half-Blood
The Wani is a name that Muffinlance made up for her story, "Salvage". She then used the name in all her other Avatar fics. I guess the name has become quite popular! Muffinlance's stories are really good, though, especially Salvage! I highly recommend!
6/19 c45 SunflowersandRainyDays
I finally found the time to sit down and actually read this since it's been sitting in my tbr pile collecting dust for AGES and I'm glad I did
6/15 c45 Guest
Please update, I love it
6/11 c45 Feario Pegus
thanks so much for a great story! I was so incredibly sucked into the different plots. There was good spacing between the different scenes and characters. I was also very impressed how you had put the characters in situations that was so different from what happened in cannon but still kept the true feel of the characters personalities. that is really hard to do but you did it so well. thanks again. I'm looking forward to what you have in store for us.
5/16 c45 Guest
Thank you for this story! I read it all in the last few days and loved it. So glad there was the Zuko & Iroh reunion chapter 3
If you continue it, I would love to read more! Even so, thanks for sharing this story:)
1/19 c3 alohaflower
I like that the waterbenders first thought is that they would kill the Avatar while that's something Zuko's also worried about. It really makes it seem like a consistent threat and the 'fire nation attitude'.
12/27/2021 c45 6FliscentFiretail
I enjoy coming back to reread this fiction every now and again. the jiangshi are really creepy fun and that was wild how you managed to tied the Wendigo into Sokka's hunger for meat, perfectly playing off of something we all consider a part of his character but giving it a sinister twist. I'll admit reading that while tipsy and all alone was really scary but fun. I live in the great white north where winter is deadly so I can relate when you describe Sokkas time as a child in the south pole with the creature. ive also seen some unexplained things before so I understand not wanting to acknowledge something that scares you but you know is right there. your scary parts gave me chills haha. I'm also excited for how this story is going to turn out, I love how you add new things but they are all relevant to the plot. I'm a binge reader so whenever I circle back to reread this I read it from beginning to end in a couple of days. if you want, since I usually let the story play aloud while I work on stuff I could potentially beta all the chapters for misspelling and Grammer since it plays the story aloud as written and I can hear the difference between where and were lol. it's pretty well done already, but if you want just ask me. also if you need anything else just let me know and I'll do what I can. hope that you're well and your muse will find you when you get the chance. best of luck!
12/26/2021 c44 2Chevalier Lecteur
Dang it! Now I have two reasons to want the Northern ship to find Zuko.
1. For Zuko to kick Kun Tien's butt.
2. Cause Yue is on it and I wanna see more Yue/Zuko. Their awkward interactions amuse me.

Okay now reason 1 has changed.
1. So Iroh can take on both Pakku and Kun Tien and beat the crap out of them for trying to take Zuko's mind.
3. So Zuko and his crew can take on the Pirates.

I liked Nuobi teaching Yue. Is she about to discover she can water bend or is The Ocean gonna help her out or Nuobi or is a pirate gonna fish her out?

Anyway can't wait till next chapter! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
12/26/2021 c43 Chevalier Lecteur
Aww! Iroh's sons learning to love tea because they love Iroh.

A dragon egg, Appa and Momo on the Wani is something I never new I NEEDED. Thank you. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
12/26/2021 c41 Chevalier Lecteur
Sokka is an essential character to the narrative as the meat and sarcasm guy and the fact that he knows it is hilarious.

Also cool that someone other than Ty Lee can see auras.
12/26/2021 c40 Chevalier Lecteur
Blue Spirit is the coolest. Quite possibly my favorite episode too.
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