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12/5/2019 c27 Genesis Draconian
Just finished the first book so far an awesome story will keep on reading and pls keep it up
12/4/2019 c32 Kira Ferris
I really am very attached to this story. I truly enjoy your writing.
12/4/2019 c44 Cheshire cat91
I'm so happy you updated! I love this story! :D
12/4/2019 c44 LittleLorna
I was so happy to see you had updated not even a week ago ibwas having a quick read through this and wishing for it to update. So I've been saving this so I can savour the fact that it's been updated.
Zuko and Iroh walking down the corridor and then going in Irohs quarters. I see you were going for the feels.
Bwahaha I'm so glad you wanted this to be a fluff chapter ibwas dying from laughter.
The crew snuggling Appa and using that paper stuff to float around was so funny.
Lol nice joke that Aang did.
Don's obsession over Dragons and their eggs was just as good. "I have come for the egg" aswell as smelling ot and licking it loool.
And then finally when Ryto mentioned about how things could of been worse that Zuko could have brought 3 elemental masters after them then the scene cutting over to the masters all sneezing. Phew dear my sides were splitting with that one.
12/4/2019 c44 lemon-rind
:D This is a great chapter honestly
12/4/2019 c44 rachelsal
AMAZING! I almost screamed when I got the notification for this chapter. You're doing a great job I LOVE this story.
12/4/2019 c44 Philip Ontakos
There was so much fluff... and I loved every single minute of it. I'm a huge fan of your story (long time reader, first time reviewer though) and it absolutely makes my day anytime I log into fanfic. and see your story has updated :)
12/3/2019 c44 Dadycoool
Heartwarming, tense, and Avatar-level fluffy silliness. I like it.
12/3/2019 c44 BlueTea21
Woot! Thanks for the update. I loved it, of course
12/3/2019 c44 Summer314
It was a very nice chapter! I loved the reunion of Zuko and Iroh, it was very moving. Will we see a dragon hatchling soon?
12/3/2019 c44 anika.rieben
awwww, I really loved the fluff. This really was the perfect thing to read before going to sleep.
12/3/2019 c44 23Blitza
Sooo cute!
12/3/2019 c44 3Heart of the Demons
I'm so, so happy you've managed to release the latest chapter of "Reluctant Hero." It's very well done and relatable.
12/3/2019 c44 Written.By.Leo
I love seeing the dynamics between the crew and the reunion with Zuko and Iroh was great. I wonder if Iroh will ever hear the whole story of what happened... thanks for the update!
12/3/2019 c44 73Imyoshi
Tumblr bad. Writing good.
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