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9/12/2010 c6 peoplhi
Nguyen is a last name. The only way for it to be a first name is in the same manner as Ladasha or Moonflowerchild.
8/25/2010 c10 Gwenhyfer
Just found this story. It's awesome! Definitely the best Avatar-fanfic I've ever read. I really love the idea of an Avatar Zuko. I wished there were more stories exploring the potential of that. The thought of an avatar whose loyalty's initially with the fire nation is absolutely awesome and gives some magnificient story material. You're a genius for having thought of this idea. And your realization of this idea is even more brilliant. Can't wait for mor Zuko/Roku-interaction. And Pakku's great too. Keep the brilliant work up!
8/24/2010 c10 8Malconvoker
This is very good. I do like how you got all the characters spot on, especially Pakku since he always looks like a hard character to write for. I am surprised by how you worked Aang into the story. I'm looking forward to what you do with him and Zuko. Also, Aang needs a cool title like 'Prophet of the Wind' or something.

Keep up the good work

8/18/2010 c10 zuzu
i Love this story!1

I love the writing and the fact that Zuko's the Avatar, that is soooo cool!

cant wait to see what will happen to Zuko!
8/18/2010 c10 8AlteaAuroraRia
That's quite a story! I like the idea of Zuko being the Avatar (and also happy Aang isn't dead :)) Hopethe gang get to meet up soon and I really hope to see more of Yue, she's very well written out. :)

Update soon!
8/17/2010 c10 cabingirls
I like that Katara and Sokka got to grow up with Aang! it's a believable idea and I can't wait til the next chapter!
8/17/2010 c9 cabingirls
this was an awesome chapter!
8/17/2010 c8 cabingirls
I like what you did with Aang! can't wait to find out what his destiny is. :)
8/17/2010 c6 cabingirls
the chapters are getting longer! I'm glad Zuko met Yue, I knew she would help him because of her connection to the spirit world. I hope Uncle is safe and I wonder how Zuko will handle being captured by the enemy after he recovers...again.
8/16/2010 c10 5black mage wannabe
Wow, this is a really good story with a plot I've never read before! I'm looking forward to everyone finding out that "Lee" is really Prince Zuko and him and Aang meeting each other. And of course the confrontation with Azula whenever that may happen! Great job!
8/16/2010 c4 cabingirls
Haha I like reading about even more made up animals like the bobcat-bat!
8/16/2010 c3 cabingirls
this chapter was awesome, can't wait to see what happens next
8/16/2010 c2 cabingirls
YAY! I guess it's Zuko's destiny to restore peace? I'm glad the crew is still with him, at least for now.
8/16/2010 c1 cabingirls
I really like the idea behind this story!
8/14/2010 c10 3Mkitkat
Woehh! Suprise! Aang is here! Dun! Dun! Dun!
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