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6/9/2010 c6 3Huitt1989
This story is truly wonderful it has the perfect mix up of emotional scenes and action. Over all this is one of the better stories i have read, I am looking forward to the next chapter with great interest.
6/9/2010 c5 10MetellaStella
I wonder, this brand of madness you have created (and what a cool idea) it sounds an awful lot like it would apply to Jeong Jeong. He hates his element, and thinks it vile, and, in some sense, unholy. Maybe would refuse to bend for long periods of time, like a religious man going without food to purge the body of sin.

Just a thought.
6/9/2010 c4 MetellaStella
WOW! The portrayal of Zuko's reaction and Iroh's calming effect was EXCELLENT!

"when . . . Azula wasn't completely vile"

I'd like to know a little bit more about what you meant by that sentence. :3 I'm an Azula-Zuko sibling fan. :D

By the way, I think something to address in this fanfic would be Iroh's loyalties. We know as early as the Episode "The Waterbending Scroll" that he is probably part of the White Lotus Society. Aren't they supportive of the balance of the world and whatnot? And yet, Iroh still seems supportive of the capture and subduing of the Avatar. But then, in Season 2, he suddenly says "time to choose 'good' Zuko." When did he ever talk to his nephew about the war being wrong? (No wonder Zuko was so confused).
6/9/2010 c3 MetellaStella
So wait a sec, did Zuko go into the Avatar State . . .? It seemed like that was what you were setting up for.

Also, if you're sticking to cannon happenings with Jee, does he not know how Zuko got his scar yet? (It seems amazing that Iroh and the crew would have gone for three years without discussing it per "The Storm.")

I love your descriptions. The sounds and the settings are all so engaging.
6/9/2010 c2 MetellaStella
"Only the Avatar can use the element that is the opposite of his own."

So are you going with the idea that if two people carry respective elemental "genes" that a child can inherit both of them? i.e., an earthbender marry a firebender and they have a child that can do both types of bending?
6/9/2010 c1 1CommanderBugs
This is a great story, but it does not match the story of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Zuko was not alive during any earthbending avatars and, from Aang, the Earth avatar is two away. The next one would be a water bender. Also, on top of that, you place it in the timeframe of the show; and, obviously, this did not occur.

I respect it as fiction, though, and it is very good, just not for Avatar: the Last Airbender
6/8/2010 c6 3Mkitkat
I really like this story! It's unique! :)
6/8/2010 c6 pyroaquaterrian
The more I read, the more enthralled I am with your story... Not only is it well conceived and written, but it's very original as well.

Oh, as far as the Zuko/Yue pairing goes...I love it. Yue seems as the perfect fit for Zuko... She the calm to his rage, and the soothing to his inner pain. After all, up until now when it came to girl around his age Zuko only had a dangerous half-crazed sister an a emotionally challenged-some might even say emotionally stunned and colorless girl to deal with, who's only romantic words consisted of phrases like "I don't hate" before gorging herself on the next the fruit tart.

Furthermore, I hope Iroh and Jee make out alive...and that Iroh finds Zuko again... Because it would be tragic to let the poor man think he lost another son.

Anyway, I can't wait for the next update... Because your story is definitely epic in scope and I'm totally addict to it thanks to this chapter in particular.
6/8/2010 c3 1funducky
1st avatar fanfiction i have ever read that isnt total crap (although i dont read them that much)

but ANYWAYS, good job! i love it! update soon
6/8/2010 c6 5ihonestlydontknow
Yaaaay update! ^^

Alright, down to buisness. I loved the argument Zuko had with Juku was hilarious. "I do not kick like a girl!" XD Very funny. And cute.

I loved Jee's little fight in the belly of the ship. I wonder if Nguyen was listening to what Jee said. That would give the Water Tribe something to think about, wouldn't it? Also, his words imply that they would try and rescue Zuko or something.

In theory, Pakku is correct. With kindness, Zuko will open up to people, however he's not going to be the Avatar for anybody, just yet. The only reason he's even thinking about living is for his uncle, and to keep his crew safe from the spirits' revenge. There is no freakin' way the Water Tribe will get Zuko to take up his position of the Avatar. They're waaaay too late for the kindness thing. Uncle's already got that covered. ^^ (Go Uncle!)

Are Master Jayendra and Master Pakku going to argue about who won the bet? I can see that happening.

Interesting interaction between Yue and Zuko. I liked how you had her feel the same way around him as she did when looking at the moon. They're both connected to spirits after all, so that would make a lot of sense. I hope she helps him escape so he can rejoin his crew. (I also hope that you keep the romance to a minimum. Please? There's enough out there already...) Are you going to give Yue a little more spiritual awarness than normal people? It would make sense... and if so, how would you do that?

Just a note, but Zuko seems to be softening a lot faster in this story than he did in the show. Or is it the shock of all these things happening so fast? When he recovers will he be the snappy, tightly-wound prince from before or will he calm down and try and think of a plan? Honestly, I don't think that realizing he's the Avatar will do much for his planning skills at this stage, other than 'stay alive' (as much for his Uncle's words as the spirits' warning. (Go Uncle!))

Anyway, wonderful chapter. I can't wait to see what happens next. ^^
6/8/2010 c6 ArrayePL
Really great chapter and story. I love the way you describe the Avatar Zuko. He is still confused but slowly accepting his fate. It will be hard to wait a week to read what happened to Uncle. I'm also bit curious about the Southern Tribe child you mention before. Is it Katara or Sokka? Will they be part of this story?
6/8/2010 c6 3GirlGoingSolo
Absolutely love this story, the writing is great, the plot is unusual and interesting, the battle scenes are very exciting ... and it has Zuko in it :)

Only one thing - entropy is not equal to energy, it is a measurement of how different arrangements of molecules you can have (rather like a permutations calculation), or a measure of ways in which energy is distributed over a number of molecules. You can't have it 'rush' through you. It is not a physical thing.

Sorry to point that out, the rest of the story was wonderful, can't wait to read more :)
6/8/2010 c6 JC

I hope Zuko tell the Water Tribe to kiss his Ass,he will not be trun into a Weapon agaist his people.

The thing is real Balance is not what the Water tribe and Earth Kingdom want aka (The Wiping out the Fire Nation)

Zuko will always be Devoted to the protection and preservation of the Fire nation,he may come to see Ozai as a unfit to rule down the line.

I Hope Yue is only the first Girl in his harem.
6/8/2010 c6 Cade Mistral
YES! Another chapter! Goddamn but I absolutely worship you. I love your fics, your a really great writer.

Hope you update soon.
6/7/2010 c6 Kiomori
Wow, I loved this chapter. I especially loved your idea of the Avatar state from the Avatar's point of view. I don't think I've seen it anywhere else before...and it was really interesting! I wonder who that person was that tried to talk to him. At first I thought Yue, but that doesn't really make sense, since she's not the Moon yet.

I know the water tribe had good intentions, but I can't help but want Zuko to escape and reunite with his uncle and the crew! Those waterbending masters are already assuming that Zuko will be begging for their help too. I almost want him to show them wrong. Anyway, I hope Uncle and the crew all made it safely. I'm hoping Uncle was able to hold the rest of the men back and save the ship. It would crush Zuko if he found out that the crew was killed because of him.

Yue was great already. I liked how she trusted Zuko enough to lie for him, and hopefully she is able to save him. The connection she felt was interesting too!

This chapter was great, and I will be looking forward to the next one!
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