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6/7/2010 c6 10Jayadragon
once again its agni not angi, i find this very annoying, sorry for repeating myself.

i liked this chapter. i really hope that Iroh and the crew get to join him at least iroh and jee.

i liked the yue zuko bit, very adorable
6/5/2010 c5 4The Beckster
hmmm... my sketchy knowledge of Avatar does not cover the story of Jiao Long... oh well the internet is a beautiful thing. haha

Another awesome chapter. :D

6/4/2010 c5 5ihonestlydontknow
Oh dear, the Water Tribe is going to try and 'rescue' the Avatar... I can't wait to see how that works out! ^^

I enjoyed this chapter very much.^^ Honestly, you scared me a little bit when you didn't post it on Monday. I thought you might have given up on this story! But you didn't! So, I'm glad.

I wonder who the guide is. Is it even human? Aang has Appa, and Roku had Fang... Does Zuko get a dragon too? (That would be cool... admit it.)

Poor Zuko... He's so stuck and confused with no way out. His life isnt' really his own anymore, is it?

That's all for now, but I have to guess about 'Hot Blood'... is the character Jet?

Anyway, yaaaay for the new chapter. I hope you can get the next one up on Monday, because that would be awesome. But later is ok, too. I just can't wait for the next installment!
6/4/2010 c3 Kiomori
Wow, for some reason I seemed to miss this chapter...and what a good one! So that's how they found out he was the Avatar. I had been wondering how they already knew, but this explains it. Wow. It looks like everybody is in trouble now!
6/4/2010 c5 Kiomori
Oh boy, that was dramatic. I guess the other past spirits weren't happy at Zuko for that little stunt. The frost was a neat effect too.

I wonder what Uncle has to say now...but that bit about sitting in Zuko's room with tea and the dagger was a good touch. The poor man...

I can't help but think that maybe waterbenders attacked the ship. The fact that it tilted at an angle made me think of the fire nation ship at the south pole.

I can't wait to see what happens now!
6/4/2010 c5 10Jayadragon
wow this is a really good story. i love how torn Zuko is. the only note i have is that it is agni not angi. besides that that it is a great story. i love the connection between uncle and nephew as well as the crew getting personality. i kinda hope some of the crew decides to stay with them.
6/4/2010 c5 JC

Zuko is still loyal to the fire Nation,s people,the best Ioth can do is too help Zuko get that Ozai is not a Good Lord for ther people.

Ioth is Good,but I like to see Zuko make a team of people close to his own age.

He also need to Hook upwith a Girl P.A.W.07
6/4/2010 c5 10PastaSentient
Excellent chapter. It is easy to tell that your writing style is improving, not that it was bad before, but it is slowly becoming not quite awesome but definitely great. Keep up the great work and update soon!
6/3/2010 c5 17terracannon876
Gwah. Zuko had a close call there _

It's definitely not going to be easy for him from here on out. Being an Avatar when everyone in his nation is bent on wiping him out, yet he won't go against his nation at all...

Thanks for the chapter! Hope you update soon!
6/3/2010 c5 ArrayePL
Very interesting chapter. I liked the way the past Avatars stopped him. Iroh was very well written too.
5/29/2010 c4 5ihonestlydontknow
Wow, this is really good so far. You're characterization is very good. And I totally agree- if Zuko were to find out that he's the Avatar, it would just smash all his hopes and dreams of regaining his honor into powder. So, that breakdown he had would be rather reasonable. Seriously, the kid just lost EVERYTHING. It's NOT going to be pretty.

I wonder how Aang is going to show up. Are they going to find him in the Earth Kingdom and is he going to teach Zuko airbending? Since, doesn't Zuko have to learn that one first and all? I wonder if meeting Aang will give Zuko a pause for thought on the, ah, ethics of what the Fire Nation has done/is doing. If Aang's still around, will Gyatso be too? I kind of hope he is. (Perfecting pasteries to dump onto the heads of temple elders? AWESOME!) But he might not be. And if Aang isn't the Avatar, would he still be a master airbender?

And since he IS the Avatar, wouldn't Zuko be a really good firebender?

And about the ship: I'm sure they would be pretty loyal to Zuko. They're probably the dregs of the Fire Nation navy, you know? Or really close, and Zuko treats them pretty well. I mean, look at how Azula treats the captain of her ship. "Worry about me. I haven't made up my mind yet [on weather to kill you or not]." So, 'honorless' Zuko may be, he's still a good guy. Not to mention WHY he got banished in the first place... (you're keeping that the same, I presume?)

I wonder how Katara's ideals will change. The Avatar HASN'T been missing for a hundred years, he's supposedly still fighting in Ba Sing Se. I wonder how that will affect her. I mean, in the show, it was a BIG DEAL that the Avatar was BACK! But now, he's not BACK, he's just still fighting in Ba Sing Se. That hope and 'there might be a chance after all!' feeling wouldn't really be there, would it? I mean, the Avatar has been there through the war, but he hasn't been able to stop it, has he? And as far as the world knows, all he's been able to do so far is hold off the Fire Nation.

I wonder how the world will react to the Fire Nation Avatar. I mean, come on, he's the PRINCE. True, Roku was some kind of nobility, but not from the royal family. Of course, this means that Zuko cannot become the Fire Lord. It just wouldn't work. So, there goes the Fire Nation's chance for a stable line of rulers. True, there's still Iroh, but he's lost his son so...

Unless you can get Azula to do a Face Heel Turn. But I'm not too sure about that. Or Ursa comes out of the woodwork or something with a sane kid. But...

So, yeah. That's all I can think of right now. ^^ Awesome story, the plot so far seems good. I can't wait for more.
5/25/2010 c4 fourfourfourfour
Jeeze Zuko, Iroh's going to have to put you on a leash when he catches you!

Cliffhangers are the worst (oh the irony...), so please update soon!
5/25/2010 c4 Archivist
Woah. I've only seen one other Zuko-as-the-Avatar fic out there and it hasn't been updated for a long time. I find your writing style engaging and I will be stalking this fic for a long time.
5/25/2010 c4 3Blume


New Chapter!

And nice entry: I could almost imagine what it was to be in that ship. Probably not the brightest place that night, and not for the following days either…

I trust Zuko enough to not try and do anything with that dagger, but I suspect that if anyone happens to enter his quarters at that moment ‘they’d tackle him for his own good’

Lt Jee: Prince Zuko I have your—nooooOOOOO!

Zuko: what the-?

Lt Jee: this is not the answer my prince!

Zuko: Let go of me!

And I agree, another Brother is probably the best in the small list of exceptions! Though she has not written lately… maybe I should do fart to bribe her… mmmhhh..

I just realized you’re right. The North was kinda secluded from the fight. But that makes me wonder, how prepared are they for war after beign secluded for more than 50 years? Sure they fight polar bears and other gruesome creatures, and there’s always personal and intense training, but is that enough?

…not that the soldiers in Zuko’s ship are the army’s best…

One minnor thing; for one moment I think I submerged into another reality:

“Yet, just as quickly as the demand was placed over the younger mech's own inner flame, it disappeared, a sigh escaping the Dragon of the West”

So lol for you! It seems even your PC is used to your writing! ;P
5/25/2010 c4 pyroaquaterrian
Wow! This was such an amazing chapter... The interaction between Zuko and Iroh blew me away. You're definitely a very talented writer. Now, I can't wait to read what happens next... Will Zuko accept his destiny? And if he does what will that mean for him and Iroh?

My only disappointment is that Sokka, Toph, and Ty Lee isn't in your story... But then again, I always loved the comic relief they supplied.

Also, I hope you include Yue in your story... I always liked her character and always thought it was a shame her character was sacrificed so earlier in the series. She always seemed to be such a calming and spiritual person... One that always knew what her duty was... Maybe, she could help Zuko realize his own as well.

Oh, and let's not forget Zhao... I just can't wait.

Thanks again for sharing this wonderful story... The honest truth is after this last chapter I'm hooked!
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