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for The Perfect Lord: Harry James Potter

10/31 c14 Ultach
Innumerate still?

After first year, H P in June of 1992 would be approach his TWELFTH birthday, not fifteenth as your Puddlemere Utd coach stated. You did write him as being in the muggle world for 10 yrs, after all. Please engage more than two brain cells at a time.
Whilst your tale is reasonable, these egregious errors are extremely off putting.

10/31 c11 Ultach
R U innumerate?

According to your ridiculous dating, James and Lily Potter were only 15 yrs of age when they died and would still have been shy of sitting their OWL's, so still in school.
JKR clearly wrote their dates of birth (late 1959 and 1960) to have them start Hogwarts in 1971, not 1977.
Fix that!
10/11 c23 21Ptool
really enjoying the story
7/9 c23 Just William
Has this story been abandoned?
4/25 c23 Ski11
Can’t wait for more updates!
4/1 c23 DPinAK
Enjoying your development of Harry’s character and story line. Looking forward to the next chapters.
2/10 c1 asjblackthorne
This story is really good, and I hope it updates again before another year and a half goes by.
11/26/2022 c23 docaqi
I hope you continue writing further
your story has many aspects which is lacking in other politically aware hp fics
here Harry is developing maturing as a person player medic wizard
I know it takes time for perfection but yours is well on its way
looking forward to reading more of your work
7/19/2022 c14 suraj
adopted brother and sister can marry harry and penelope please
7/2/2022 c23 TheLiterarySuccessor
Update please?
6/4/2022 c23 Guest
update asap please what happened?
5/19/2022 c23 Guest
updates what happened?
2/21/2022 c6 Guest
I'm so confused regarding the age. Do they start at 14 and graduate at 20?
1/14/2022 c1 16Coolfire30
...the concept is alright... however, it's all over the place.

Difficult to read.
1/14/2022 c1 Coolfire30
The ages are all over the place, and not just with Harry, Dudley too.
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