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7/24 c25 1DMBSJB18
Read the whole story! This epilogue was sweet. I just never could get behind this Edward- and in turn, this Bella for overlooking what he was doing. He never even acted like he was remorseful about it, at all. And how many moms did he sleep with?! How many marriages did he ruin? It’s like it was a major plot point, and then it just vanished once Bella hopped in his bed. That’s not just something that can or should be swept under the rug.
7/23 c8 DMBSJB18
How has she all the sudden become okay with man whore Edward? Come on B, you can do better!
7/23 c7 DMBSJB18
I wish I could feel sympathy. I really really do. But just because he was cheated on, it’s pretty ducked up thinking to then turn around a facilitate others to cheat. For other marriages to crumble because he literally preys on married women. What Tanya did sounds heinous. But what edwards doing? Just as bad. Dang it all
7/23 c4 DMBSJB18
I hope that Bella can really put Edward in his place. He’s honestly sick,
7/23 c3 DMBSJB18
Oh geez Edward. Not doing anything to make me like you! And neither are you Sophie…. And all the other married women. Haha!
7/23 c2 DMBSJB18
Ohhhhh Jake breaks my heart. So so so much.
7/23 c1 DMBSJB18
Starting a new story of yours and dammit Edward! Why are you such a dbag! True, it’s really the married women who are the real villains- but to prey on married women?! Gag!
4/30 c26 Patriciadiane
Great ending. Sad to see them go
4/30 c25 Patriciadiane
Perfect ending
4/30 c24 Patriciadiane
Edward met Charlie, survived, and came through like a champ.
4/30 c23 Patriciadiane
Edward grow a pair
4/30 c22 Patriciadiane
So Leah. glad that Jake and the boys are joining them. Worried about Bree.
4/30 c21 Patriciadiane
Tanya is the epitome of selfish and that baby girl deserves so much better. Who is her father?
4/30 c20 Patriciadiane
What the heck... I can't stay on top of these crazy people. Edward is worried about the baby because he is a good man who is taking his life back
4/30 c19 Patriciadiane
So much pain and so much turmoil for all of these poor people because of self-absorbed choices
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