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for The Twin Dragon

11/13/2017 c1 Guest
11/27/2015 c11 Guest
Magic suppression to feel normal? Bullshit
3/12/2015 c12 1guardianofdragonlore
A very interesting and engaging story.
7/22/2014 c12 34Linorien
I enjoyed this little tale. It is an interesting twist to have Merlin and Mab be twins but I like Merlin spending two years learning to fight both with his magic and without. You will want to watch your spelling in future stories though. (Although this was finished nearly four years ago so you may have improved since.)
3/27/2014 c4 wendums
Vacation is a US term. UK is holiday but in 550 AD I don't think there was a colloquial term for hols. I do like story so far
3/27/2014 c1 wendums
Selves. I think you mean sleeves. I do not believe they were called selves but old english is so different to my yorkshire dialect
7/9/2012 c12 3CaliDreamin982763
So good! I love it when Merlin has more Knight like abilities so yours was an awesome read!
5/25/2012 c12 2readernurse
That was an awesome story, and very well written! the prophecy you wrote about Merlin and Mab was good, did you just make it up? The entire idea was very original, but you managed to keep everyone in character, and I loved the friendship you wrote for them. Frick was awesome, and I love the picture of a dwarf fighting Merlin. the only problem I saw, which wasn't too bad, was that you wold misspell some words. (threw should be through, selves should be sleeves were the 2 I notices.) Very well done overall, and I wish I could come up with an idea that original! Great job, I loved it.
5/12/2012 c12 9amy-pondwilliams
awwe it'sover, could you maybe make a one shot withmerlin and arthur sparring? that would be funny to read ... it was a good story
2/21/2011 c12 11LivingInTheClouds
Great story, I enjoyed it. Though I do wish we could have seen a bit more of what was going on in Mab's demented head.
1/14/2011 c12 5Black Light Brightness
the battle came out of NOWHERE but overall it's a really good story! ^_^
9/28/2010 c12 13HorseRidersHaveMoreFun
I really liked this story. The one thing I noticed, however, is that you seem to mix up some words and how they are used. For example 'threw' is the past tense of 'throw': I threw the ball to her. Whereas, the word you should have been using 'through' is a verb: They went through the woods to get to the castle. They sound alike, but have totally different meanings and usages. Sometimes, the word 'through' is seen/used in the abbreviated format 'thru', like 'We used the drive-thru to get out food.'

That's one of those things a good beta reader should pick out. You can use spell check all you want to, but because the word is spelled correctly and only the usage is incorrect, it will not register.
8/12/2010 c12 12cooking-ninja18
I always enjoy reading this story, favorites!
7/9/2010 c3 22Alice I
I am liking this story but there is one thing you should consider - a thesaurus. The word lightly was used 7 times just in this chapter.
6/7/2010 c12 Anonymous
WOW! This story is brilliant! i love it, Arthur and Merlin are so sweet, and the ending was perfect!

Thank you :)
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