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12/17/2019 c10 mahnoorhkhan
I love how it leaves at a cliff hanger, I feel like at some point the doctor says something to Ryan about his dad, olny for Jake to hear them, but ultimately it is your choice since you have managed to bring the story so far. It's fine if you have writers block, everyone gets it. When I get it I have to ask my sibling for a little help on how to fraze a certain scene.
7/7/2019 c10 Guest
I really like this keep it up
10/22/2014 c1 torade102
Hello, I just wanted to know, are you still going to finish the story, or is it too late to ask? I have been following this story from the start and I always check back for updates; I am sorry about not reviewing. I really like this story. Please continue if you can, but if not, I understand. Thanks!
7/25/2014 c10 Kay1994
T,T Why would you stop on a cliff hanger like that? TT,TT
7/11/2012 c10 Guest
maybe Jake should play more hard to get..teach Ryan a lesson..make him jealous.
more drama..
5/19/2012 c10 ninjashadow18
im still intrested this is one of the few jake/ryan and its just getting good please keep updating
5/18/2012 c10 jay jay
this story is really good.I would really like to see what happens can you pleace keep making more and up data it.)Im looking forow to see what you come up with next.
5/18/2012 c10 SoulMusician
... Interesting
5/6/2012 c10 torade102
Please do not stop. This is good stuff. Actually, this is the best version of this movie that I have read and there are not that many.

Thanks! Happy writing!
5/5/2012 c10 3cccccCc
Love'd it even though it's been awhile. So how are they going to act when Baja gets into the pic.?
5/4/2012 c10 sometimes love isn't enough
I loved it! I've been waiting sooo long for this! I absolutely loved this chapter and I do hooe you update soon! I can't wait!
5/4/2012 c10 Jezica
thank you soo much for updating :) i really like the story!
5/3/2012 c10 Murasaki Tsuki
Oh my god! So happy this wasn't abandoned! Update made my night! Please keep going! :)
11/25/2011 c9 KnightWings
Awwww Please Update Soon. This story is soooooooooo sweet! You are a great writer :)
8/20/2011 c2 pinkferret77
Oh yes! I can't wait to see where this is going. very hot! got to love the hurt comfort. Jake is so Hot! keep writing, please.

The only little thing I would say is the multiple points of view are a bit repetitive. But I love the story idea. I am salivating at the prospect of what's to come. GREAT WORK! Sooo SEXY!
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