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for Harry potter,The boy who lived to be a fish

5/21/2018 c6 WinterTigerEclipse
Love the story so far

and I had always beilve marlin mate was an extremely stupid clown fish am thinking that giant fish wouldn't have ever noticed the eggs am thinking only reason he did do to stupid clown fish look at them drawing attention to them and herself she wasn't even trying to sneak if she was smart would of tryed to trick it by looking at something else's instead of her eggs
4/11/2016 c1 hiddenknight1619
If someone is rewriting this or continuing where you left off, will you please tell us so we can look for them?
11/13/2013 c8 kariza2013
I really like this story!
1/9/2013 c1 7LucklessObserver
12/7/2012 c8 8E THE TIME KEEPER
9/24/2011 c8 NewBlueTrue
::sniffles:: I'm so sorry you couldnt continue, you were doing a wonderful job. I'm glad though that you willing to give it to someone else, some authors just abandon their stories. And I would Very much love to adopt this story and continue writing it. just PM me and let me know how you would like to transfer the story. But if there is someone else who wants it and you want to give it to them let me know.
4/26/2011 c7 1pokemon-hogwarts4eva
update...cant wait for the next chapter

dw about grammatical errors, im not a fussy reader, just a fan-fic

update soon

(love it)
3/7/2011 c6 9Darklight-phoenix
wow...this is the only crossover between harry potter and finding nemo...i cant wait to see where you will take this, nicely written so far

update soon
2/16/2011 c6 19exaigon
You got it right they were killed by a Barracuda. ^-^ Um there are a lot of mistakes in this story that could be easily fixed... just letting you know. I like the story though! I want to know what the plot is but that would ruin the story haha! Keep going!
1/13/2011 c6 7Myra the Dovahkiin
great story. keep writing. update soon. I can't wait to read more! This is getting interesting.

You were right. Marlin's family was killed by a barricuda.

You could of made this after the movie and had Dory be like a sister to Marlin & a aunt to Nemo. This way Marlin & Nemo still had all their friends.
10/14/2010 c3 5OtomeLuver
*waves* Hey, just letting you know that I'm willing to be your beta! I've never been a beta before, but I do have experience, outside of Fanfiction, editing stories and papers. I enjoy what you're writing, though I did find myself hoping that you would fix your mistakes, but I'm quite willing to go do that for you, even going back to your original chapters and fixing them. I was going to e-mail you this, but for some reason, my e-mail wasn't quite willing to work for me... Anyway, you can reply to this review, or send me a message, to let me know if you're interested!

Oh, and if you want to see my grammer skills and the like, you can check out one of my stories. I have no beta, and do it myself, so that should be a pretty good example.
9/2/2010 c6 ReachingTheLost777
gr8 ch

plz upd8 soon XD
9/2/2010 c6 48IronSpockMaster
It looks enough like a baracuda :) but marlin's wife was called coral.

i liked it when marlin and harry s

told their stories.
9/1/2010 c6 Deviously Ruined Rose
the eggs and his wife were killed by a barracude you got that right but i think that his wife's name was coral... very nice chapter! thank you for updating.
8/27/2010 c5 IronSpockMaster
I really like this, i like your story line, and i like your 'new' harry.
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