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for Charmed: The lost Charmed one

8/19/2010 c4 Kara
OMG!so like this story please continue!

i so love the character you put in Pearl and that her father is that priest dude...i still remeber that episode when they saved him from his evil brothers! id rate this 5/5
8/17/2010 c4 Guest
Interesting! I love any story that has Evil Wyatt coming back to the past to try and keep his evil future from becoming non existant.

I think the introduction of Prue's daughter was a stroke of genius. And that she is more powerful like her mother as Prue was always thought to be not only the most powerful 'Charmed' sister but was phrophesized to have 'The Power of One'.

I have two questions? Who is Nick? And what happened to Chris?
5/18/2010 c2 bananacupcakes
Please continue :]

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