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for A Thousand Lifetimes

12/8/2011 c4 dimensiontimetraveler
LOL UZUMAKI ITACHI? wow... u sure kno how to pick names... LOL.. headache for sure! even sasuke have to stare... lols. wouldn't it have been funny to be uzumaki uchiha itachi? lol like uchiha used to be a small family of ppl who worked under the priestess and priests of the temples? haha. and THAT would make sasuke look at them n go O.O haha
10/7/2011 c4 silentdove93
please update? please? :p
11/1/2010 c4 13Marsa The Redeemed
great story update soon
10/16/2010 c4 reviewer
UPDATE! i dont care if it doesnt go with canon just UPDATE!
8/13/2010 c4 2novelreader
this is the awsomest story ever!

seriuosly, please continue! did u really wrote this before u found out about the senju and uchiha connection, not to mention the uzamaki and senju connection, them being distant relatives and all and holding the key to the seals of the jinchuuriki. i cant believe rinji's wife also happens to be uzumaki! it's like everyone's connected. i love it! please update soon! i really dont care if it doesnt fit the manga, u are an excellent storyteller!
8/6/2010 c4 7Dr. Stilla Live
Interesting chapter. Keep writing!
8/6/2010 c4 21MidniteCurse4Eternity
So thanks for updating. I liked where this is going.

The journal entries made me laugh. I love how Naruto meets his ancestors. It's so nice. And how his ancestors knew Sakura and Hinata's ancestors and etc.

Uzumaki Itachi. I sense trouble for Sasuke and Naruto.
8/6/2010 c3 2Kayano.takama
I like your story... And i hope it's sasunaru pairing... I'm yaoi fangirl after all... Haha...
8/5/2010 c2 7Dr. Stilla Live
Cool! This is a very original story with few grammar mistakes. Please update, this is a great fic! Women are insane: a very true statement. :D
6/15/2010 c2 21MidniteCurse4Eternity
Thanks for updating. I'm surprised there's not that many updates.

This chapter was nice. Sasuke reading the scroll was really something. Maybe he'll change his mind out revenge.

I like how the things Naruto and Sasuke learn all connect. It's interesting to read. haha I laughed when they agreed that all women were insane. :D
6/15/2010 c2 13Alternative Angel
Nice proverb for the opening.

Not as good as the first chapter, but prologues generally are better than most of the story.

I nearly laughed when Sasuke and Naruto came to agreement on women being insane. (Which is actually true.)

I can understand why Naruto is sleepy, if you don't do as much as you normally do, you get sleepy. (Kind of like boredom, when you think about it.)

Namikaze Hisano... that explains a lot: how Minato could make a seal to deal with the Shinigami, how a lot of people Naruto cares about don't really stay dead (Jiraiya and Naruto's parents not withstanding), etc.

A pity that the guy who is a self-righteous, arrogant, close-minded individual had to be the one to read it, but I can see the the foreshadowing. (Still, the look on Naruto's face as he read the name would have priceless.)

I hope you update soon, I'm getting into this.
5/8/2010 c1 21MidniteCurse4Eternity
That's a really interesting story.

The plot is really nicee. And original.

I am stuck wondering what's going to happen next.

Great story!
5/5/2010 c1 13Alternative Angel
~smiles~ This story has massive potential.
You didn't make Sasuke too out of character, even with making him sane; that takes skill.

As for Maiya and Rinji, they seem like interesting characters, even if it's only the first chapter.
I'm sure they're as key to this story as Sasuke and Naruto, but I still hope that the primary focus is on Sasuke's and Naruto's points of view.

I'm pleased that the grammar is pretty decent.
Too many fanfiction authors suffer from 'terminal illiteracy,' but you don't seem to be one of them.

I think you made Naruto a little more mature than he really is, but it's your story, so I'll mind my own business.

I'm looking forward to you updating.

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