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for Breaking Through The Mask

4/23/2017 c3 Poop
You absolutely have to make another chapter ASAP!
12/1/2015 c3 miku
when are u gonna update?
3/8/2014 c1 fv
3/2/2014 c3 1euls
i need more my heart is aching T-T Len is such an idiot xD *slaps Len*

Sinon : WHy did you do that to Len

Shino : Because He made Miku hurt

Len : WHat ?

Sino : Shino -_- *pinches shino's cheek*

SHino : oWW

Please update soon i love this story im waiting for an update :) *forces smile*

Im waiting 2010-2014 ;-; !
3/2/2014 c2 euls
Len you idiot i hate you OMG your such an amazing write my heart is aching when Len is saying
sorrry to Miku ur the beest xD
11/23/2013 c3 Guest
Love your story, so beautiful and heartwarming. len deserves to be with miku no matter what, they're meant to be and that's how it will always be. they're perfect and nothing will break their bond. I wish kaito would just perish into the underworld. please continue this story its so amazing, fantastic even.
4/29/2013 c3 Guest
it's been 3 yrs. since you last update...soo pls update, although I only have just read it a minutes ago...BTW this is good...but...I really can't imagine Kaito and Haku being a b*tchy...
2/15/2013 c3 Amy
Hi! I am kinda shy because well, I'm not used to talking to anyone except my family. Anyway, um, I wanted to say that I love your stories and that I am a huge fan. I also liked the last part when Len wanted to say sorry to miku and that rin came up with a plan. It was so mysterious to me and I wanted to find out what was the plan as soon as possible. I love your stories and I am a huge fan. I always wanted to write again because when my grandpa died when I was little in the summer when I was about to go onto 2 grade, and now I'm in 5th grade. My grandpa even served in the Vietnam War. Yes, I am Vietnamese. Um, anyway, I really love your stories and I am a huge fan. Please do a shutout to me so that I know that you read this. Thank you! And again, I don't have much friends and I have a lot of sorrow in my life but your stories make me feel better. Thanks and please do a shout out to me so that i know you read this. Thank you! :)
8/9/2012 c1 Guest
keep writing please. this is awesome
8/8/2012 c3 Guest
i want more plz
11/1/2011 c3 x3Mocha
Gah I don't hate Kaito but he's seriously being an ass in this story. Gosh I feel sorry for Miku. Anyways, I really love your story please update soon ^^
9/26/2011 c3 StrawberryWhippedCream
PLZZZ WE NEED MORE OF UR CHAPTERS IT SO NICE MIKUXLEN i cant wait till the nxt comes out ohh im just so addicted to this pairing
8/13/2011 c2 4SilentDreamer01
Please, please, please, please continue this story~ I Love it~! 3 ^^
7/22/2011 c3 lemonsimeanfluff
Uuppppdaaaaaattteeeee pllllleeeeAAAAZZZZEEEE! I really luv ur story so far so plz update!
4/23/2011 c3 Guest
Hope you can continue this...

It's one of the few not-Len-Rin-VocaCrap, and most of the Miku-Len stuff is discontinued. Hope that this one won't be discontinued.

You're also one of the few authors (that i know of) who writes awsomly good fanfics, with a good plot and nice, long chapters.

One of my fav fics
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