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6/1/2011 c1 GangstaHamsta
Good lord... This is just... Brilliant! Words can not describe what an amazing story this is! I think I'm in love! =0
5/25/2010 c1 29ultimatebishoujo21
awwww how sweet *wipes tears from eyes*

i always hated integra, she's such a bitch 2 poor innocent seras
5/19/2010 c1 aleatoire726
Interesting. I liked it :)
5/16/2010 c5 21Strawberry Bijou
Hi, I just thought I should give you some proper advice.

Your plot, grammar and spelling are okay but... your chapters are too short. Basically if you compiled all of the ones you've already written, that would make a basic chapter in ffnet terms. It would probably be around a thousand words, which is a great length. To be honest, it grows repetitive when you keep repeating their names like so: "Seras sighed. Seras went doing whatever." That is kind of annoying, no offence!

I like this so... hopefully you'll update soon. 8)

5/16/2010 c5 Eilonwy71
Haha! No worries, that precious little one is far more important than this story! I, for one, will wait patiently for when you can update...to rush a good story would be a waste! Please, take your time! And I do love this update... tho I hope Alu isnt going to be an ass to Seras, LOL ;P, but hey, its not my story, I will trust you no matter what you decide to have him do! ;D Another excellent chappy! Thank you!
5/12/2010 c5 StormyIceEyes
update soon
5/12/2010 c4 StormyIceEyes
Alright that chapter was stand out, awesomely done
5/12/2010 c3 StormyIceEyes
Good idea splitting the chapter into 2 chapters
5/12/2010 c2 StormyIceEyes
Integras different, grouchier
5/12/2010 c1 StormyIceEyes
Okay is how I would describe it personally
5/12/2010 c5 SolaceInTheRain
5/12/2010 c4 SolaceInTheRain
So fitting hey does your friend know you made this just for them? Just curious you don't really have to answer
5/12/2010 c3 SolaceInTheRain
Awesome I just love it :)
5/12/2010 c2 SolaceInTheRain
Hey I want to know what happens next!
5/12/2010 c1 SolaceInTheRain
Interesting chapter, and a nice start so far :)
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