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5/11/2010 c4 Eilonwy71
OMG YES! I LOVE this! Dear God, I hope you keep updating this one, there are so many possibilities! By the way, I very much enjoy your writing style as well as the plot itself... and adding Broken was...dare I say, perfection to the angst within the tale! Cant wait to see if and where you might take this excellent-intriguing-alluring-and smexy tale! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
5/8/2010 c3 Hellsing's 2nd Nosferatu
that was really good so far

update soon
5/8/2010 c3 Eilonwy71
Oo I like it! I'm very caught up in this, wondering what will happen next! You have my encouragement and request to please continue!
5/6/2010 c3 14SickDeath
Write more please, this is interesting.
5/6/2010 c3 Luna-noya-na
I absolutely like it!Gish you've updated so soo,it made me happy! LOL!
Yup,I wanna the next chappy!
God luck!
5/6/2010 c1 Luna-noya-na
I like it!
It got me wondering what happens next!My,my...will sir Inty turn into a vamp?Can't wait for chappy two!
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