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12/27/2010 c1 8Scholar of Emeralds
Legendary Fairy's Pokemon fanfic, Alessandra and Markus' Platinum Journey has finally been updated! Yay! And this is a rather cute, and funny story. Blueberry the Minun? That's not a bad name :)
10/7/2010 c1 7Vandenberg
Great job in writing this up; I loved the little twist you put in at the end. Brendan's such an evil kid here, beating up the elite four whenever he needs money or wants to level up a pokemon. Cheers for deconstructing one of the more weird aspects of the game. :B

All in all, this was a pleasant read. Keep it up!

8/16/2010 c1 9Sun Daughter
I'm really sorry that I have to use a review to contact you. PMing's disabled and I have a question. My next chapter of "Summer's Day" is a hodgepodge of mini-lessons that people have asked me to do. I wanted to take your request and do homophones, but what exactly were you hoping for me to teach?

If you could get back to me as soon as you can, that would be most helpful. I'm hoping to publish it before the end of August, but preferably earler (?) if I can finish the chapter. Thanks.

Oh, and I did read your oneshot. :) I don't really watch Pokemon, but your length and grammar/spelling are perfect.

Keep writing and have a nice day.

7/23/2010 c1 20inverted.typo
Nice story ^^

About ur review on Come With Me

I seriously don't need a grammar nazi. Look, I could do better, i know, but I don't because i'm lazy.VERY lazy. This is a waste of a review but seriously, I like to change it around. I know what's used for what. I just had to find a way to reply because i'm not perfect! The point of reading a story is liking the plot and I mean obviously there's editing and stuff but I seriously don't plan to publish it. And I understand you're trying to help and I appreciate it but there's worse stories then that. ... so ya just had to reply
5/14/2010 c1 A midsummer night's dream
Man, I haven't beaten the Elite Four yet when my pokemon and the earned data all met their demise by the hands of my not-so-innocent-five year-old cousin.Sigh...and I haven't even got my starter pokemon on 100 at that time.Now, I'm actually trying my best in Sapphire (more so, now that my data was erased in a certain Pokemon Emerald) when a long time ago I beaten gym leaders/pesky grunts/the oh-so-powerful elite four without a sweat with my Totodile in Crsytal.Ugh...it's freaking annoying and pathetic that the more experience I get, the harder I fall.

Ahh...this is really nice though, it reminded me of my glory days in Crystal with my Totodile.

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