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6/26/2011 c10 12Raven34link
so Sabs never told her? will he ever?
6/25/2011 c9 Raven34link
i like your rescue better then the movie one
12/15/2010 c10 1TristeAlma
goooooooood ending :) cant wait for story 2!
12/7/2010 c10 4BadW0lfGirl
Awwww! I'm sad to see it end, but I can't wait for the next one! :D
11/11/2010 c9 BadW0lfGirl
:D YAY! I love story updates! And I'm loving this way more than the movie. Just sayin.
11/11/2010 c9 1TristeAlma
good chapter; fight scenes were pretty good

update soon
9/28/2010 c8 12Raven34link
OMFG! Mystique and Sabertooth are her real parents O_o
9/28/2010 c8 1TristeAlma
intersting chapter. the beginning was a little hard to follow b/c of the times (like how logan&remy got to the mansion to tell them about the train station incident and how magneto was still there when the prof got there)

and i wonder what mystique and sabretooth were freaking out about? :)

update soon!
9/28/2010 c8 1Mangagirl4
Yay! I was waiting for this! I hope they rescue her before anything bad happens! And so Sabertooth and Mystique are her parents?
9/28/2010 c8 4BadW0lfGirl
YAY! NEW CHAPTER! Let's throw a party now. I'll make the cookies! Lol. Great chapter! I thoroughly enjoy Jean yelling at Scott ;)
8/23/2010 c7 12Raven34link
great chapter and boy was it long
8/23/2010 c7 1Mangagirl4
Was just waiting for this update :) can't wait to read the next chapter nd c some GambitRogue romance!
8/23/2010 c7 1TristeAlma
awesome chapter. i love the little banter when the teachers are talking about who likes who. and i love how remy finally came clean.

update soon
8/23/2010 c7 4BadW0lfGirl
Awwwww...I love this story! So much better than the original. Poor Rogue, so confused. Remy's on your side! lol. Can't waith for the next chapter!
8/10/2010 c6 1Mangagirl4
cant wait for the next chapter to see what happens
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