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7/1/2012 c1 Guest
awwwwaa! that is so sweet! please write more like this, it's nice to be able to read a good, non-slashed story once in a while! you are such a good writer!
5/26/2011 c1 15sydneytwilightmum
I've never tackled a Heroes fic before! It was short and sweet. I liked your writing style! I could have seen expansion and also would have liked a bit more dialogue between the 2 characters.

Thanks for writing and sharing. Thanks for posting in the FB group, it's always nice to branch out into

Other fandoms.
5/11/2010 c1 3CrazySue05
Thank you Elizabeth!

I honestly agree with you. I don't like using religious songs for non-religious characters either but this one kept rolling around in my head. I attempted to keep it not weird, but I'm not sure how well it worked.

As for the dialogue, I wrote this in an hour and was honestly too tired to come up with meaningful conversations. Next time there will be lots of chats. Thanks again!

5/11/2010 c1 Elizabeth
Your writing isn't half bad, and you clearly have a good command over prose. Some dialogue might have helped break up the weightier paragraphs, though.

That said, the Casting Crowns song seems...out of place. But I'm biased against fics that attempt to take non-religious characters and make them religious (because it usually seems contrived), so... Yeah. Just my opinion.

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