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8/14/2013 c2 sunshineg9
Man, this would have been a nice story.
9/24/2011 c2 The Amaranthine Raven
The only thing wrong with this story was the fact it did not go on. Definetly one of the best HIVE themed fics, or even one of the best Teen Titans fics period. I love this. Keep up the brilliant work :)
7/23/2011 c2 Amarantha
Yyyyyyaaaaaaaaay! I love it! You are really talented at writing. Please, please do continue writing, everything about this story is AWESOME!
6/22/2010 c2 didnotstopweepingforninedays
Yay! Awesome chapter. Finally Elliot speaks! I was giddy reading that. Haha.

As usual, you are a brilliant writer and I didn't see any mistakes, misspells, or anything else. I can't wait for more of this story!

Glad that you're back, hopefully you'll stay longer this time. :) Keep rocking everyone's socks!

6/11/2010 c2 oosoutofservice
Yes! New chapter!

I was eating a brownie readign this and ended up choking with all the laughing. I love Elliots line to Mother Mae Eye!

Please update soon!

6/11/2010 c2 MasculineCollar
Seriously? I officially love you! :*

I am very curious as to what Mother Mae Eye did to Vito, but ewww "spitcurls". The word alone makes me want to puke. :S
6/11/2010 c2 51MYZ-chan
-"Say I love you."

Funnily enough, Angelica had wanted him to say something like that too. Elliot already knew that if he couldn't say it for Angelica, he couldn't say it for anyone.

As he always did when he didn't know what to do, he disappeared.-

I loved that part. :D Can't wait for the next chapter!
6/11/2010 c2 11iolah
Damn. The characterization has me drooling. Elliot. Holy crap Elliot. I kind of completely adore the fact that he doesn't use contractions. That, and what an utter little tosser he is. It makes me want to hug him while simultaneously hitting him. Billy was wonderful and their fight was very well done. Also the fact that Elliot and Angel didn't work out, and not only that, WHY they didn't work out, was fabulous. And they don't know who Stone was- so they blame Billy's dad! Also the formatting! How is it you have me geeking out over just one chapter? It's pathetic... more?
6/3/2010 c1 oosoutofservice
I like the idea for this story, is it going to deal with how the Hive gets out of the mind control?

Anyway, please update soon!

5/24/2010 c1 didnotstopweepingforninedays
Yay! New story!

Elliot spoke. That's awesome. Hasn't he spoken once before...oh yeah! When he pronounced some french sentence for Seymour in JFL, I think. Is Elliot under the pie-influence? I would assume no, seeing as he's smoking and saying people sound stupid.

Likin' this so far. It's a cool way of telling the Mother May-Eye story, very original.

Oh, and one question: If Billy saw the bodies of the kids, did they not have a proper burial for them, or was that just directly after the event?


5/8/2010 c1 MasculineCollar
Ugh...this chapter scared me. But, in a good way.

Elliot speaking an entire sentence creeped me out enough, but Jinx in a white dress...with bows in her hair? (shivers)

...why is Elliot alright though, didn't he eat pie with them during that episode?

And what the hell did she do to Vito?

Great new story, can't wait for an update! :)
5/8/2010 c1 iolah
Haha, omg, Elliot! I have GOT to get off my ass and write, because this just made my day. The whole damn chapter was amazing, every line! Billy smoking it up with the ambassadors children, his father's different political strategies (North Korea!) Everything! Plus, the child size bodies thing which hints at the destruction perfectly, enough to get the point across, but not too much that his own horror at it doesn't show. I cannot wait until they kick some Mae Eye butt! Please update soon.

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