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for Our Daughter Our Little Angel

6/2/2022 c42 Guest
I thought your story had a lot of reviews because it was good, but I see I was wrong. What a bad ending.
1. You do not explain why Kady revives.
2. You don't explain how they reconcile.
3. You don't explain how the strigoi got past the magical barriers.

You have made Rose weak and without character. By God, he left her to go with another! She had to be angry, he had to beg for forgiveness, it was his stupid fault for missing the first 3 years of his daughter's life.
And Dimitri physically attacking Rose? That was the worst of all. The guy adores her, he defended his mother from a beating father and now he mistreats his wife and also never apologizes?

If you only came back to give him one of the unimaginable spoer endings to a story, you'd better have been forgotten.
Terrible, I will not read you again. Tt was a big disappointment.
3/19/2022 c5 1Rosexdimitri1
FINALLY, a reaction to her father that I can get behind!
3/15/2022 c42 765Radiant Arabian Nights
Loved it!
Really well written!:)
10/25/2021 c42 O.S Carys
Wow. Just wow. I read this entire book in a couple of hours, never wanting it to end. But you know, the ending was sufficiently satisfying enough for me. Which is saying a lot. To be able to write a fanfiction this well - is astonishing. And if you wrote a book that was filled with yours ideas and your own characters. You would be lethal to all other writers trying to find their place in the writing world. So congrats!

P.S: I played Calum Scott's - You are the reason (Duet Version) during the last chapter, it seemed very fitting!

~ O.S Carys
9/29/2021 c42 Guest
It was lovely story I like it a lot it made me cry thank you .
4/28/2021 c19 Guest
For fucks sake tell him
4/28/2021 c9 Guest
No rose no let him stay for god sake this man has always wanted to be a father and I can bet you that little girl wants a father and what more do you want he’s already said he loved you No not loved loves you
1/16/2021 c40 Guest
God Thank Saint Vladimir
1/16/2021 c38 Guest
No no I am crying
1/16/2021 c21 Roza
Ok one tell him and two say... YES I WILL MARRY YOU
1/16/2021 c4 Roza
10/9/2020 c42 Hurtstoread
This was a beautiful ending. I love you story, thanks for giving me a great read
10/9/2020 c41 Hurtstoread
Thanks. I cried for nothing. But how could you?
10/9/2020 c38 Hurtstoread
I deeply hate Hate HATE YOU, how could you do that to someone. I have been crying my eyes out fore the last then minutes
6/29/2020 c11 Guest
And just like that she forgives him...bullshit utter bullshit. What a weak pathetic girl you have made her.
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